Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Call of the wild

I'm going to be in the Houston area this holiday weekend, so expect a lovely recap when I get back!

Fun pre-turkey-day facts:

1) I went to work this morning with wet hair tied up in a bun and my boss said that it looked "cute." This means that I will definitely be coming to work with wet hair more often!

2) It seems that the mornings that I need to get to work early are the ones that the cats decide to vomit all over the place.

3) One of our nearby chicken friends is kind enough to come by and check on the chickens while we're away. What she doesn't know is that in return I'm knitting her one of the most awesome sets of fingerless mittens ever and giving her all of the eggs our gals lay while we're away.

4) As with any trip to see the family in Houston, I may be inebriated for most of the trip, so I may or may not have fun pictures to post. Let's hope I do!

5) I'm going to get to hang out with my sweet, adorable neice!

Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Have a safe and super fun trip.

Olivia said...

Unfortunately the pea soup showed up on the slide show as I read point number 2!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Jo!

Anonymous said...

happy turkey day!!! you are so sweet to knit her a present - i wish i could knit that fast! ive got one out of 3 scarves for xmas done... dont think ill make it!!

MattJ said...

History and sentiment aside, I really like the idea of thanksgiving, theough I think I prefer turkey day but that's because I am the simple and descriptive sort!

It seems to me like a practice run for Christmas dinner, which is a sterling ides and one of the reasons I think i would like a stint working stateside.

One thing I was wondering, is it just a UK thing to have 'Sunday Dinenr'? or os that over there too? it's just since living on my own (or rather not at home!) I've not had that many roast dinenrs which means the special occasion ones are devoured like someone is going to take it away from me! But in the run up to Christmas I have 2 Turkey dinners, a roast pork dinner I am gonna have a stab at myself and a variety of other roasty goodness to look forwards too!

Ooooh! And what is the Turkey serverd with at thanksgiving traditionally?

huh. That was longer than I'd intended, but thenm it's been a while..... I'll give you a summary recap to help you out, in case all of this text is pushing out valuable PINs from your brain:

1) Thinking of it as turkey day makes me happy
2)Practice Christmas dinner is an awesome idea.
3) Do you have sunday roast?

Jo said...

Thanksgiving is always a turkey sort of thing, and enough turkeys are sold during Thanksgiving that, if you put them all side to side and laid them down, they would cover the entire state of Delaware!

Turkey in the state is always served with cornbread stuffing. Strongholds in our Turkey Day spread include: Green bean casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli and rice casserole, a large honey ham, baked macaroni and cheese and giblet gravy with yeast rolls. Always pumpkin, peach and apple pies for dessert.

And never in my life have we had an ornate Sunday dinner. I'm sure that if we were avid churchgoers we could see that happening, but we don't go to church, so this little piggy had none.

sequined said...

I chicken sat recently and I didn't get awesome fingerless gloves! I did get eggs, however.