Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big, big hope and some self indulgence

First: Thank you all for your support. Every drop of kindness and every hug has meant so much. I'm still learning that it's OK to admit that you're overwhelmed sometimes, and that you don't have to be invincible to be strong.

Second: My mom is still in the hospital, but she is doing a lot better. She's gone through a barrage of tests and treatments, and although they're taking a shotgun approach to a hunting rifle problem, she's starting to sound like herself again. Everyone was hoping that she'd be out of the hospital on Monday evening, but her white blood cell count is elevated, so the docs aren't comfortable with discharging her yet, which is frustrating. More tests today, and more treatments. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

She's just too much fun to be out of the game.

My friend that was injured in a car accident is also on the mend and in physical rehabilitation. I'm so excited at how much he's progressing, and I'm so glad that there are literally tons of people supporting him through his recovery.


I want to acknowledge that for the first time EVER, DrivingMissDallas is a two-time award winner!

Thanks to the Tex-Pat, a lovely former-Texan-current-German (who knits and feels like I've known her for ever), for her very official Tex-Pat Blog Award 2008!

Also, big ups to the lovely Sequined of Sequins and Glitter for the fantastic kudos of being on her short list of must-reads!

I will soon be doing a couple of awards myself, considering that I've become quite the bloggy connoiseur lately. Keep your eyes peeled right here!


Olivia said...

So glad your mom is soldiering on. Moms, you gotta love 'em.

Congrats on your awards, and yes, suddenly lately you have been blogging like a pro! I can barely keep up, and am down to one a week. (Actually, I am tempted to do another today.)

So@24 said...

There needs to be a "You Got it Dude!" award for bloggers

Anonymous said...

your mom looks like such a great lady! she is def still in my prayers/good vibes.

and thanks for the shout out! :) we all know you are awesome.

and duh So@24: thats the award i made! came up with it all by myselfs.

Kyla Bea said...

I'm glad she's doing better!

Congrats on the awards = )