Thursday, May 22, 2008

Safe and sound (cluck!)

I don't know what y'all did, but Scout pulled through. She wasn't looking so hot, and she was really lethargic and not eating there for a while, but she's curious and vigorous now! She's starting to figure out how to make her place in the pecking order, and she's babbling like crazy!



She is the littlest of the three, but I think she'll probably be the best bird of all of 'em! Jane, the little Araucana, is starting to grow little tufts out from her cheeks! So cute!

In other news, I finished my Thai Fisherman's pants:

I know I look gross here. I don't care. I just put in an hour in front of a sewing machine and an hour of yoga.

I also finished Sara's baby sling!



The shower is in a month and I still need to finish her washcloths. I've got 1.5 done, and I need to make 6. I figure if I make them interesting enough I'll want to knit them up fast. Here's hoping!


Olivia said...

I said a little chikin prayer, I did ;)

I love the video and those teeny little cheeps they do!

What are Thai fisherman's pants, and do you wear them for yoga?

Olivia said...

Oh yes, and I noticed Scout is a she - like the kid in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

Jo said...

Exactly like the kid in "To Kill a Mockingbird"! It's one of my favorite books. Dave always teases me because he thinks that Harper Lee didn't write it, but that Truman Capote wrote it instead.

The pants are for yoga or for lounging. The folds give you plenty of give in the crotch even though the fabric has zero stretch to it. Pretty ingenious and ridiculously easy to make.

P.S. Thank you for your chicken prayers!

Olivia said...

What is the shiny material you used for the pants and the sling?