Friday, May 16, 2008

Bone tired

I was starting to lose it at work earlier today. My nerves started fraying and my brain started hurting and I started to take a serious turn towards crazy. Fridays are usually like this, but today was different. Today was un-fucking-bearable.

I sucked it up though, and only left an hour early. Given, I did work an extra hour yesterday, so it balances out. But I was dying to get out of that oak-paneled, fluorescent-lighted purgatory.

We got our Economic stimulus payment today! Woo Hoo! Free guvmint money! We went out for pasta and beer at Scallini's to celebrate, and now we're back at the house. Two Heineken's later and I'm trying to work the heel flap on Dave's socks.

Exciting, no? Beats the hell out of smacking my forehead against my desk.


MattJ said...

I seem to be spending increasing amounts of time in meetings about the work i have no time to do because I spend so much time in meetings. Couple more weeks, then I get a week and a half off then one more month and Canadian adventureness - if only for a week! w00t!

Olivia said...

Fluorescent lights, I know. Ugh. Sometimes you do need to just get out for a while.