Friday, May 23, 2008

All the Rage

Coffee wasn't what had me energized this morning -- all I needed was a healthy dose of Rage Against the Machine. To some of my colleagues the choice seems all to apropos considering we often work for the Machine. Sometimes we get to fucking piss of the Machine, which is all too fun for words. The fallout of pissing off the Machine, however, is not.

I do have a strange affinity for grunge rock and anti-government anthems. Most of the time Dave and I have very similar taste in music, but this is where we diverge. Dave doesn't like any form of punk, metal, grunge or thrash. Me: I likey.

So, driving up the guard shack at my office today I had "Bulls on Parade" blasting when I rolled down the window of my car. I have never seen whiter whites of strangers' eyeballs in my life.

1 comment:

MattJ said...

Everyone has to love a bit of Rage! Nothing like the explosion of bombtrack in your ears to fire you up good and proper!

You should check out a sample of Skindred on iTunes - unique to say the least - at least I can't imagine that many Welsh Raga Metal bands knocking around the place lol! I am picking them out for special treatment in a few weeks if only for curiosity!