Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will someone go camping with me? PLEASE?

So, for the past 5 or 6 days I've been looking through REI and several other camping/backpacking gear sites for camping equipment. Just the stuff I'd need to survive in the back country for a weekend. I've been obsessing about camping. A lot. I've been consumed in envy over my sister's backpacking trip she took last year with my brother and sister-in-law.

I really want to go camping if you couldn't already tell, so when Dave said there would be a music festival we should go to where there would be camping(!!!) I immdediately started scheming over what kind of tent we should get, and should I go ahead and get a backpack, and whether or not I should get a cool little gas stove, too, because we need coffee in the morning, and what about a new sleeping bag?

Well, since this function isn't until April, I guess I have a lot more obsessing ahead of me. Between now and then though, could someone please take this poor, deprived, ex-Girl Scout camping? Please?


Olivia said...

Ooh, and get a wind-up lamp! Those are so cool.

Do you have any camping stories of scary bug encounters?

MattJ said...

Lol! I started obsessing over camping last year and ended up with a tent/sleeping bag and other gubbbins! I have yet to go simply because of the travel situation. I hope to do quite a bit over the summer with the arrival of Mr MotorCar Man (I am not allowed to name it, apparently that is the domain of Hannah) enabling me to pootle about the countryside.

the only thing is,,except for festivals, I am not interested in 'organised camping' - wouldn't it be cool to just go inot the woods or mountains and pitch up?

Of course, in America you have the whole getting eaten by wolves/bears/coyotes thing to contend with - the worst I would have to deal with is a particularly brazen vole.

Jo said...

"particularly brazen vole"

Awesome, Matt.

One really poor camping experience started with me dozing off under the stars in a screened-in tent and ended with me running for my life from a huge skunk!

I'll tell the whole story later.

Olivia said...

Huh, skunks are really big hairy bugs aren't they?

...now where was I the other day, and something smelled of skunk, and it reminded me of when one is roadkill and you get the whiff of it a mile off in your A/C....

Jo said...

YES! It's like a milemarker on a turnaround road trip. "We must be in Centerville because I can smell that skunk again!"