Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey dere bebedawl!

So, Dave usually calls me around lunch time, either before or after, to just chat a bit and talk about how our days are going, plans for this evening, etc. I've been on the phone today with lots of people, several have been calling back intermittently. So, it's about 10 after 1 p.m. and I'm expecting Dave to call any minute now. Any minute. And my phone rings at my desk. I don't even check the number.

"Hey dere bebedawl!"

"Uh... is Joanna England?"

"Ummm... yes?"

"This is Soandso from What'shisname's office. I'm calling about scheduling your appointment."

So embarassing!


LB said...

:-) So Kodak moment!
Howdy, popped by from Olivia's..

Olivia said...

LOL, careful with those bebedawls next time, Jo.

Hi LB *waves*

lunaliar said...

I was so red! I couldn't believe it.