Friday, February 08, 2008

Making it count

I've talked about my fat-ass problem before. I'm a fat-ass. It's genetic. I come from a long line of habitual overeaters and underexercisers. But, I'm trying to fight genetics and sometimes I feel like its a losing battle.

Despite the fact that I have huge hips (if someone says "child-bearing" I sweartoGod...) and very short legs and arms, which make me constantly look fat, I have the goal of pulling my ass up by its bootstraps and flattening out my tummy. This may or may not result in a more svelte, healthy body, but hey, it's a goal, right?

In order to accoomplish that goal I've started keeping track of what I eat via a food diary. This, my friends, sucks. I did it before when I first started trying to lose weight before our Key West trip. It really does work. But counting calories is a frackin' pain in the ass! You can't eat anything without nutritional information! Many of my favorite recipes don't have nutritional information. ARGH!!!

So, I can't eat a lot of stuff that isn't either prepackaged or predictable. My diet lately has consisted of raw fruit, yogurt, granola bars, cereal, canned soup and pre packaged popcorn or cookies in individual servings. DOUBLE ARGH!!!

If we go out to restaurants I check out the nutritionals on the website and don't order any tea or appetizers. That means no chips and salsa at Tex Mex restaurants, which is sucky!

But, I have found that I'm not the only one who is nursing a slim-fast and bitching. In fact, there are huge communities of people that read Hungry Girl just like me, tons of people that get excited over spray salad dressing that tastes more like the real thing. People that go through the trouble of typing in their recipies into Calorie King to log their food journals.

Seriously, this sucks, but I've got to make it count this time. Hopefully I'll make it last, too. At least that's what my fat ass hopes, right, chubby?


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Calorie King used to be my best friend, then I noticed I was obsessing way too much. Now I just try to eat healthy. Less fat, more fiber.

I could use a good kick in the pants on the exercising front though...

Olivia said...

Time and right age for me to finally be watching what I eat too.

I may finally have reached the target weight for my height, but my bones are little and I am pear-shaped: nearly two sizes smaller at the top than I am at the bottom, and it all accumulates around my stomach, butt and thighs. The only thing I hate, though, is the tum, which has flopped out since summer, enough so that the doctor asked me a question and then stared at it...*ahem*

I am pleased to note that I am naturally going off many evil foods that I once liked. No longer the girl who can eat anything and ask where it went!

MattJ said...

Yeah, I used to be like you 'Livvy until about 3 years ago, I never put any weight on! Now I am Pudgely McPudgerson. But I get so hacked off with the sheer quantity of nice things that you are not supposed to eat, the joy of eating evaporates for me. I am lucky in that I actually love the taste of oatmeally things and fruit, but I ain't giving up curry and chili for no man! lol!