Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Lord! Where've you been?

That is what, I'm sure all of you, have been asking. Did anyone really even notice my absence? Didn't think so. I'm SO unloved.

Dallas, you've been quite the busy girl lately, haven't you? The city is readying for my pending nuptials. Wedding shower here, flight off to California, and when I return there will be a blowout. We'll have the reception at the Sons of Hermann Hall, which will be awesome. It's an old house converted into a bar and concert venue that was once a masonic lodge. Cool, eh?

For the reception, we're on a very tight budget. VERY tight. Good thing we were able to rent the hall for a great price. Dave, in his "salad days," once spent several nights a week out at the local bars, drowning his misery in scotch and water, or vodka if the beer was decent. In doing so, he made friends with bar keeps and bar owners, and I guess it's finally paid off.

I got this crazy notion that I might cater the reception myself (GASP!). I know what you're thinking, but I could do it. It's just going to be some music, lots of booze, wedding cake and appetizers. So, it's more of a cocktail party than a legit reception. I think it's better that way, and that means that we won't have to worry with renting place settings or linens. I might even be so daring as to make our wedding cake. Ehhhh... maybe not.

My mother and father are planning to come visit in a couple of weeks. I think this is still a little surreal to them. They're three hours away in Houston, which, for all intents and purposes, is like going from Bordeaux to Paris, only with much, much crappier scenery. I'm really excited, though. My mom and I will do brunch and go shopping for my wedding dress. We'll get them booked with a flight and hotel, if they haven't already, for the wedding. And they'll get to meet Dave's parents. That's what I'm most excited about. Dave's parents are so sweet. I mean, Vicki and Bobby are so happy for us. I think they're mostly happy that Dave's getting hitched to one smart cookie.

Yeah, all you wiseacres, I'm that cookie!!! :)

Friday evening we had dinner with the Gianadas. David and Christine are none other than a certified good time.

Dave and Christine

Christine is an awesome cook, but because my stomach wasn't agreening with me, I couldn't eat that much dinner, but from what I had, it was awesome. There was wine aplenty, and then someone let the cat out of the bag.

Ignatius in the bag

On Saturday night we went to the Will Johnson acoustic set with Jay and Ann Marie at Bend Studio, which is this yoga studio/intimate concert settting. It was a very cool experience, mostly because everyone had to take their shoes off to take your seat, since the chairs were set up on the yoga practice floor. It was unifying; we all had two things in common: we were there to listen and we were sans shoes.

Will Johnson @ Bend Studio

Sunday was restful. Dave and I worked out together, Fitzgerald got a bath and we talked guest lists for the upcoming parties. It's funny, because we're really excited abou this part of our lives, but we kind of want things to go back to normal. It was nice having no guests and lazy weekends (albeit weekends with ceiling fans falling from ceilings). But, we'll be much happier as husband and wife, I think. For starters, I won't have to pay for my expensive health insurance at my job anymore. That's awesome!

This weekend, though, I am going the ambitious route. I want to have the dining room painted by Sunday. We'll see how that works out!

Over and out, readers!

(I'll post pictures in an edit later. For some reason, Blogger won't let me upload 'em now. What a bastard!)

(UPDATE: Photos are still a no go with Blogger. I wonder what the deal is???)

(UPDATE 2: Still no photos from Blogger (WTF?) So I started a flickr account. I know you guys are thrilled now!)


MattJ said...

OI! I check back here everyday, i just chose not to whine at you for a change lol! How close is the big day now? How many Blenders do you think you'll receive as a gift?

If you get a spare Dutch Oven let me know! :p

lunaliar said...

I actually did register for two cast-iron dutch ovens, but only because one is oblong and one is circular, so, two for me! :)

We're departing on the 22nd of Sept. and getting married on the 25th. I'm really excited, mostly because everything is falling into place. :)

Olivia said...

Haha, that's funny - like Matt, I checked every day too, and decided not to bug you like I did last time!

Anyway, as long as you haven't abandoned us. A lot of people I know are getting married this year, I guess it's the age I'm at now.

What an exciting time for you!
Where are you registered?

Curious comparison: Houston to Dallas is like Bordeaux to Paris. Do you mean in distance or climate? Coz it's surely not culturally. To me Dallas still feels provincial.
I can't offend you can I, by insulting Dallas? You said you were from The Woodlands...

Anyway, I hope the parents have a wonderful meeting, and best best best wishes for you and Dave!!!

MattJ said...

Yeah, I wish you the best too! Especially as you have a moral responsibility to stop living in Sin now you have a young impressionable mind to consider. Bringin up that poor dog in sucha degenerate manner! About time you tied the knot!

'Course in my day you never saw unmarried Dog Owners.........hehe

MattJ said...

So what will your new surname be by the way?

lunaliar said...

Okay, so this is hilarious my last name will be (drumroll)


lunaliar said...

Liv: The comparison ie Bordeaux to Paris, was just that of distance. But I'd much rather make the trip in France than drive from Dallas to Houston.

Oh, and Houston is WAY better (culturally) than Dallas. The air is poor in both places, but There are more lakes and trees in Houston. Oh, and better golfing!

lunaliar said...

Oh, and Matt, Fitzgerald doesn't mind being my sweet little bastard! We love him, out of wedlock or not! :)

MattJ said...

I'm a little worried about what your man in the photo is wearing below the waist. Pants like that are rarely seen off a pensioners golf course. :p

lunaliar said...

His wife bought those as a joke. Too bad he didn't get it.

Olivia said...

Hello, Mrs England-to-be!

Yay, finally someone who agrees with me about Houston!
We all became much healthier after moving to Houston, funny enough (although I developed pollen allergies thanks to the pines). The humidity is like protection from the heat, and I must say it's easier driving out there. Dallas *burns*.

And yea, I had a ton of culture in Houston. Through our university (St Thomas) we used to get $5 tickets to opera and ballet matinees at Jones Hall. Not to mention glorious summer events at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

Hey, fun pics - last time I visited there were none and I had no idea why you'd mentioned a cat in a bag!

Kathi said...

One Smart Cookie... Best Wishes For A Beautiful Life Together!!

Abundant Blessings! Kathi

Nabeel said...

awwwwwwwwwww .. the cat .. peeking out of the bag .. sooo cute