Monday, August 21, 2006

I have Hispanic friends

I have never really been a fan of LULAC. I have really never liked the idea of illegal immigration. I don't think that LULAC or illegal immigrants are the sole reasons that the U.S. is mired in economic, political and cultural problems, but LULAC's far-left outcry is really too much. Illegal immigration is a serious problem; LULAC thinks it's just dandy.

So, when I read that former national LULAC President Hector Flores said that a local suburb of Dallas would become a "city of hate," I immediately checked in with reality. Reality says, "Hector Who? Nuh Uh, bro!"

You see, Farmers Branch, the suburb in question, is having a hard time dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants. Property values are suppressed, retail outlets are moving out and so are citizens. The city has decided to act, and they're taking a lesson from the city of Hazelton, Pa., where it is against the law to lease rental properties to illegal immigrants, hire illegal immigrants or subsidizing services for illegal immigrants.

Is it racist? No. There is no racially discriminatory mandate, what they are doing is making municipal ordinances to enforce federal laws. It is a federal crime to cross the border and reside in the U.S. without documentation. That's true if you're white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific-Islander, Indian or any other race or ethnicity. Nowhere does it say that Latin Americans, exclusively, are targeted.

So, Hector Flores is full of shit. If Flower Mound wants to invest the time and money to draft municipal laws that enforce federal ones, that's their prerogative. And illegal immigration will remain just that: illegal.


MattJ said...

I think this is a big problem over here too. I have fairly left views on immigration but that isn't the argument here or the problem. The problem isn't who is right, it's who's doing the bloody arguing. In my corner we have tofu slurping idiots who would throw their weight behind a 'Equal rights for bi-sexual bald hamsters' campaign if there was a face painting tent involved, and oon the other side you have barely concealed white supremecists who think they have a weightier argument because their suits are more expensive.

OK. maybe a little embellishmet but you get the point. You end upi having two sides, both of whom are preaching to the converted instead of engaging in productive and reasoned debate.

1 more month ;)

lunaliar said...

Totally have to agree with you there, Matt. It's outcry from the far-left or facist-right and all us moderates who are trying to make a decent eeking-out for themselves getting screwed.

Oh, and it's 1 month until I'm in San Francisco, sipping the Bay Breeze and swimming in wine!

Olivia said...

A huge problem here is that there is simply NO MORE ROOM in this country for immigrants, even legal ones.

And still, the groups who want to come over cry discrimination when they bump into the quotas.

Mmmm sipping bay breeze. Make sure there's no smog in it.
So many people getting married this year tht I know of!

Me pooped. Nite.

lunaliar said...

It's becoming the same way in Texas. Because we're more spread-out and we have greater range, our communities have a lower baseline of support for increased population. It's hard for them to culturally assimilate because the majority of Americans don't live in large, high-density cities. They live in smaller suburbs, exurbs and rural areas.

Just because there appears to be room in America for more immigrants, that doesn't mean that the nation can sustain them.

And why can't North America address the root of the problem: Mexico and Latin America's economy. If the economies of these nations were better, if they could support their populations, we wouldn't be seeing this influx of poverty-stricken humanity.

Case in point: Before Spain could join the European Union and before the Euro could be the currency, their economy had to play catch-up. So, the EU propped up businesses and invested in Spanish currency and their economy. Eventually, they played par for the course.

Anonymous said...

i really like the site..I'm a mexican american and totally agree with you-what's illegal is illegal and the rule of law needs to be respected. playing the race card is a cop out-pure and simple

Texas Truth said...

I am happy to see local governments stepping up to take care of this problem when the federal government won’t.

I have posted comments on my site dealing with this and other issues.

Please feel free to stop by and visit. I welcome all opinions and views, no matter what they are.