Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Must. Resist. Urge!

If I post about work I could be canned. Fired. Let go. Out the door. Sent packing. Booted. Dooced.

But I want to. I want to post something about work soooooooo bad. It's been hard resisting the urge to blab about the very tense goings on in my office. Things are changing, rapidly, too. I have no idea what's going to happen in the next few months here, and I want to post about it. But, I can't. I have to pay rent, yanno?

I'm on a knitting hiatus. I'm at the point where it's time to start a new skein of black worsted-weight yarn, and I'm anxious about tying the knot to join them. I know that if I tie the knot, I'll have to weave the ends, and I hate doing that. I'd rather have loose ends. Let someone else deal with them.

New Skein Anxiety

In the mean time, while I'm not knitting, I'm reading. When Dave was in Austin, he picked up a copy of Lord Vishnu's Love Handles, by Will Clarke. The guy's from Dallas, and most of the novel takes place there (so far). But it really bugs me that instead of being accurate and using proper names for some of the scenes, locations and groups, he fabricates similar sounding names for them, although the references are obvious to Dallasites, even the neophyte at that.

Instead of referring to the Hare Krishna, he uses the "Holy Vishnus." Instead of referring to their temple and restaurant, Kalachandji's, which he describes in great, accurate detail, he uses "Chumba Wumba's." And instead of referring to Kalachandji, the Bhoddisatva that the temple is a shrine for, he calls him "Holy Vishnu."

I've read at D Mag's blog, FrontBurner, that Clarke used the fabricated names because at press time for the novel, one of the editors somewhat snarkily suggested that, because of raw wounds from a sex abuse scandal (GASP! A cultish group? With a sex abuse scandal? What a phenomenon!), that Clarke not use the Hare Krishna in his text.

Clarke, at the detriment of the novel, obliged.

I want to go back through the whole thing and take a red pen to every incorrect reference. Hell, if you're going to refer to Eatzi's, White Rock Lake and Patrizio, why give the Hare Krishna at Kalachandji's a break?

Anyway, except for that mind-numbingly irritating issue, it's an all right book. I mean, it's a wild ride, with psychic spies and godlike apparitions, CIA conspiracies and government plots, but the overall book will reel you in.

Damn. I still want to post about work.


Olivia said...

I have no frame of reference for the book, but was surprised to see Eatzi's - we used to love to go to the one in Houston, on San Felipe...or was it Post Oak? The Galleria area, anyhoo.

Darnit, why am I flooded with memories of Houston this week? Loads of people have been blogging things that bring it back. I even saw something on MSN Best Breakfast Cities...

It had better NOT mean I'm going back, because I only miss it through reminiscence. I'd feel rubbish if I actually did go.

About work, maybe venting to a friend is better than blogging?
Does your work know about your blog?
Being cryptic doesn't work?

lunaliar said...

My bosses do know about my blog. I think maybe one or two still read it. It's just that, so many people in my industry are talking about what's going on here and I have to keep mum. It's just frustrating. Everything is just so frustrating...

MattJ said...

Spill the beans! The public have a right to know! errrrr...5th amendment...I mean.....1st amendment! errrrm.....Fight The Power!....Don't let the Man keep you silent!

Ok. Fine. I admit it. I'm just nosey.

Olivia said...

Luna - yes, matt is nosey.
If my bosses read my blog and I even discussed wanting to talk about it, I'd feel more than embarrassed.

Belle said...

you are so dear for posting on my site today. thank you. and, yes, sometimes heading back down south sounds like just the right plan...

Buffy said...

Not posting about work was one of the hardest things...all that fodder!

Now that I've left the place...the fodder's ripe for the picking.