Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Your attention, please?

This morning I found myself reading analysis about al-Maliki, Iraq's elected PM, visiting the White House as welcome respite from the daily inundation of stories on the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Then, the irony of it all collapsed. I'm taking a break from one war for another. This is so sad. We've got so many wars and military conflicts running without end in sight that we can change the channel if one becomes too boring, tedious or excessively covered.

I got the feeling a few years ago that our world was at what many spiritually focused individuals call a "critical mass." Basically, there are enough people that are dissatisfied with the current state of awareness, of existence, that they either physically, politically or spiritually try to usher in change. I didn't know how or when it would happen, but the energy around world, the people that I spoke to, everything was sending the message that people have had enough of here and now and those who control it.

It was time for change.

Now, I see I was totally wrong. It wasn't a spiritual movement or a push toward enlightenment, but instead it was just a regime change. Political power was feeding the ever-hungry movement towards cultural and religious domination. Totalitarianism, not revolution, was the cultural turnover.

With all this war, what hope do we have that the future, whatever occurs after the bloodshed, will be any better than what whe had before a call to arms?


MattJ said...

this sort of goes back to something someone posted about that Kinky bloke - tearing down walls between church and State. In my opinion it's no surprise that now we have another Christian Fundamentalist in the Whitehouse, and someone who is arguably the religious PM certainly in my life time that the world has become a more violent place.

As I've said before - Christian, Jewish or Muslim - they've all slaughtered people in the name of God before and they will all do so again because it's nice and easy to salve your conscience when you have a cause.

Obviously the Christians are riding high in the Death of Innocents league but they put a lot of effort in over the last couple of milennia and deserve their position. Islam hasn't been around that long but they are putting in some good hours with Wahabiism dominating the 'Murderous scumbag' leagues in many parts of the world.

OK, I shouldn't joke but the moral vaccuum that occupies the halls of power under the thin veneer of righteous indignation commands little else. You either lose hope, join them or stand amazed and amused that people swallow that shit.

MattJ said...

sg=hould reead 'most religious PM'!

MattJ said...

ach! I think my keyboard is dyslexic! (incidentally I think it's very cruel that they made a condition that affects one's ability to read and write so difficult to spell!)

Olivia said...

Good Lord, I can't do this war discussion any more.

I woke up from a surprise nap earlier, to hear on the news "Israel didn't ask for this war..." among other things that made me wonder if I was dreaming. You see, the British media are not often on Israel's side, but they are notoriously biased even down to tone of voice and facial expression no matter what the topic. I am talking about all the networks here...I have SEEN snide during a news broadcast.

Anyway, I cannot keep my eyes open, time to actually go to bed this time...all I wanted to do was sleep today...holiday after the holiday, I guess.

lunaliar said...

Hope you enjoyed Italy Olivia!:)

Olivia said...

Yes yes, and I am doing a 4-part blog on it.