Monday, February 27, 2006

A house to spite a home

And we're back from Houston. My resolution to stop drinking beer has been broken. Damn my lack of resolve. I couldn't resist free beer at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Bar-B-Que cookoff. If you didn't know, this cookoff is the world championship Bar-B-Que cookoff. I've never eaten so much animal flesh in one day... Never. However, it was so stinkin' tasty... Hillbillie ambrosia...

Speaking of hillbillies, my mother and father are country quaint. They don't mind showing their true colors every once in a while. So you can see how I wasn't shocked that my father was in a long-sleeved camouflage shirt when I got home. However, I was kind of taken aback to find that there was a field-dressed feral pig quietly resting on the tailgate of my father's truck. It was his first time to bag a wild swine.

I can understand how some people would think that hunting wild pigs is disgustingly redneck, but then again, I'm sure that these are the same people that haven't tasted venison, buy everything in hygenically preserved plastic wrap and get the heebie-jeebies when someone mentions "roughing it."

You people just don't know. You have to live a little.

So, we're back in Dallas. I'm back on my all-organic diet. I'm back to my 6-days-a-week yoga fix. I'm back, and I'm ready to go back.

All this pretension makes me want to hurl.


Olivia said...

Yoga for 6 days a week? I envy you, as i only get 2!!!
That is so not enough.

Ah, Houston. I lived there for a decade and managed to avoid the Rodeo (AND the Ren. Fest). However, hands-down, Texans do the best BBQs. Specially when they use those barrels with a chimney and throw whole onions into the coals! Mmmmmmm.

lunaliar said...

OMG... And you wouldn't even believe how much there was. It was like you couldn't walk two steps without encountering the tempting smell of charred animal flesh mingled with notes of roasted garlic and hickory.

MattJ said...

Wild Boar.....mmmmmmmmmmm! Ok, not entirely sure I could hunt one but then I have trouble dealing with moths (just thoiught of a new candidate). I don't think it is disgustungly redneck, but then I probably don't use the term as it is meant to be used. I'd describe it as rural, and prefctly non-disgusting. I think I am gonna have to visit Texas and gatecrash one of these fabled BBQs. There is a thing about southern hospitality too, so I'm sure whoevers backyard I wander into wont mind!

I'll be very disappointed if I'm not disappointed, you know how I like to complain :p

Leilouta said...

I haven't met too many girls who liked beer:)
Why do you want to stop drinking it anyway?

lunaliar said...

I love beer, but alas, it makes my belly grow larger and my ass grow flatter, which is quite unflattering. I'd drink it every day but it's oh-so-fattening. I'll have a few vodka tonics with lime and pineapple instead.

Olivia said...

I hate beer, but it's got estrogen in it...if it grows man-boobs...maybe I ought to start liking it!

Anyway, about the BBQ meat, I eat very little of it. I am very nearly vegetarian, only the doctor told me to eat more meat (!) Whatever happened to eggs and cheese and tofu?
Still, I do love a couple of lamb chops every fortnight! And duck breast, which is abundant here.

Mmmm, you know...I am hungry again. Had a Thai lunch and Italian dessert, now what do I eat???