Friday, February 03, 2006

Backing the Danes

I sincerely doubt that I could be more angry at Islamofascism in general than I am right this moment. I guess I could say that I'm more angry at the sheikh, Imams and black-turban-wearing bigots of the religion that have brainwashed otherwise rational people, than I am at Muslims.

Above I have posted one of the more provocative cartoons that the Danish newspaper, the Jyllands Posten, published to critique the airs of Islam in regards to their propensity to blow other humans to smithereens. If you still aren't clear, MURDERING PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION IS HERESY OF WHATEVER FAITH, IT IS WRONG AND IT IS A PERVERSION OF RELIGION ITSELF.

Every time we look back in history and see people being killed in wars waged in the name of religion, we see how incredibly wrong they were, we lament on their idiocy. We know that no god blesses those who kill, maim, murder and torture. It's just that simple. Salem witch trials? Wrong. Crusades? Wrong. Spanish Inquisition? Wrong. Modern-day Islamic terrorism? Very wrong.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the world-view of Islamists. If they honestly think that their religion trumps anyone else's or deserves more reverence than the spectrum of worship and the objects thereof, then they are not only sadly mistaken, but they are also delusional.

No person, no entity, no god and no government is exempt from criticism. Just like everyone has the right to say whatever they want, they also have the right to direct their criticism toward anyone they please. This is a Lockean principle; this is a fundamental human right.

And, this brings me to the object of my greatest ire: You cannot suppress print with violence. If you don't like what's printed in a newspaper, if it offends you and you see it as an affront to your beliefs, write a letter, call the editor, assemble a group of people who feel the same way and protest peacefully. Threats, bombs, murder and violence are just going to make others despise such a doctrine even more than they already do.

Go ahead, boycott. That's your right. March and protest. You have those rights, too. You DO NOT have the right to murder in the name of your god, your prophet or some silly jihad that some lunatic called. I published that cartoon because I am not afraid to stand up for my beliefs. No one should have to be. Period.


French President Jacques Chirac, whose country has a large Muslim minority, appealed for all sides to avoid "anything that could offend others' convictions," a spokesman said.

Further proof that Chirac is not only a sore loser (remember Paris' olympic bid?) but a coward as well. Way to cave, Jacques. The man can't even keep peace within his own borders...


MattJ said...

I agree about the protest stuff you have put up Jo, it should be peaceful no matter how stupid the piece in the Dutch rag was. Your post kind of comes off as you tarring the whole of the Islamic faith with the same brush, which is a real shame becaus there are billions of them and you'll find just like with every major religion, the nutters are in the minority.

Jihad is a contextual word really, it simply means 'Striving in the name of God' and is most commonly used to describe the daily inner struggle of a Muslim to become a better person.

The way Islamic extremists view their religion as the only one is no different to the way hardcore Christians see theirs, and both religions still murder innocents in the name of their 'Holy Book', it's just the Islamic extremists are the current 'enemy'.

You're right in general though. No one should die or be killed in the name of a religion, especially when you view the fact that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are fundamentally the same religion, worshipping the same God but with different views on the major players.

As far as the cartoon goes, they keep using the word 'Satire'. That's bollox, it's the kind of prank a 12 year old would pull. Satire would involve a clever commentary on the state of the extremist views taught by vicious murderers. Instead they settled for a stupid and,frankly, racist cartoon. I agree that it's not right the violence this crap cartoon is causing, for one thing it is too pathetic an attempt at 'controversy' for words let alone active protest.

I've waffled, I'm sorry. You're right to be angry about the violent reaction of the minority, but please don't use broad statements like the 'Islamic view of the world is.....' because then you can demonise a whole bunch of people that don't deserve it, then you stop noticing the thousands of them that die every year because it's no longer necessary for governments to care about them or what is being done to them.

MattJ said...

didnt mean to come off so preachy sorry!

MattJ said...

Oh yeah. Normally not up for French bashing but in this case, the guy is a prick and a crook.

Famulus said...

Can't agree much with you here Jo, certainly not with the reproducing of the cartoon. The more people do this, the more moderate Muslims will feel that they are being seriously attacked. Certainly, that's how I'd feel.

And let's remember that the Christian God started out as a vengeful god and smote (past tense of smite, I hope) anywhere that pissed him off. Their religion has not relaxed it's ways like the Christian's has. I think all organised religion is dangerous, but if we were all still Orthodox Christians, the wars would still be raging...

If you are a devotee of a religion that says that there is another life after this one then killing is a means of sending someone to meet their god. Not the end of their soul. If you (they, anyone) seriously believe that, then it takes the sting out of killing people. The west starts wars to protect its economic interests; their calling for vengence (whilst just as wrong) is at least nobler.

Stop bashing those that appear to oppose you and try to see both sides of the problem and then maybe help them to do the same.

lunaliar said...

Again... Not bashing. Not bashing at all.

Enraged? Yes. It's wrong to kill. Period. No matter how you want to work your logic or wrap your head around it, IT IS WRONG TO MURDER NO MATTER THE JUSTIFICATION OR PERVERSE REASONING BEHIND IT.

Innocent people are dying. This is no longer just in semantics.