Monday, May 10, 2010


When Dave takes time off work, he usually does it for one or two weeks. During opening week of the baseball season, he took off the entire week. I was jealous.

Now, since we're going on a little vacay to Chicago to see the Cubs and these fine folks, Dave took off TWO ENTIRE WEEKS.

Two. Weeks.

Can you tell that I'm a little jealous? OK, maybe more than a little.

Because, you know, up up right now, getting ready for work (and blogging) and Dave is asleep. And do you know what he has on the agenda today? Going through boxes of baseball cards and stuff from high school and college that was stowed at his parents' house. That's something you can do drunk, which means it's not really a chore, right?

Also, the contents of these boxes is kind of shocking. There was a toy wookie in one. In another, there were notebooks labeled for college courses. Only the first two pages had any writing in them. Do you realize how much that bugs a nerd like me? A lot, let me tell you. (Also, now that I just used "a lot" I am reminded of this, shared via The Maiden.) And Dave had two entry-level guitars stashed in his parents' attic. They need to be restrung, though.

There was also old yearbooks and stolen street signs, the usual ephemera. And then, the motherlode: Old Beverly Cleary books. No. Not kidding.

Dave did, though, find his diploma from Texas A&M, which reminded me that I need to get mine framed...

Oh, and did I mention that we're going to go on a little vacation? And did I also mention that I think it's completely unfair that Dave got a head start?


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I'm super jealous of his extra time off- I get 10 vaca days a year, so I have to be super miserly with them.

Miss Dallas said...

I just hope, that, to temper my jealousy, he does all of the chores and gets the house ready for the house sitter!