Sunday, May 02, 2010


I work in the garden a lot when the weather's like this. Sometimes I'll spend all day digging in the dirt. It's not a chore when the high is 82 F and It's nothing but clear skies.

I'm beginning to think that the work i'm putting in is starting to show, too.


So, our mailman has nicknames for us. I love the fact that he delivers our mail, so he knows who lives here, and yet he has nicknames for us. Dave is Mr. Baseball. Kind of self-explanatory, right?

Me? I'm Mrs. Green. Because of my garden. Which, might I add, is fully organic.


Cute, right?


So, we're all out enjoying the beautiful weather, either gardening with a cold one or watching a ball game.


Hope you're enjoying spring, too!


The chickens are!



LiLu said...

You have chickens?!?! Jealous!

Miss Dallas said...

We're going on two years with our gals. Love 'em to bits!

themaidenmetallurgist said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to spend some time at home soon. It's about time to transplant our seedlings into the garden!