Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cranky and Judgmental

First, it annoys me when people misspell "judgmental." There's only one "e" in that word, people.

Obviously, I'm being very judgmental. I'm also very cranky. I am usually this way when I'm on my cycle. And by the way, I hate that euphemism, too. It makes my reproductive organs sound like a dishwasher or something.

In other news, there was a baby possum in our backyard just minutes ago. Dave heard Hornsby barking like Tom Jones was in town and we took our handy-dandy rechargeable spotlight to the backyard to go investigate.

Lo and behold, a baby possum had his little tail all wrapped up on the chain-link fence. He was growling and hissing as loud as his little baby possum body would let him. I told Dave to take the dogs outside and bring me a broom.

Now, if I were my parents, I would have just taken the dogs inside, got a trap, baited it with catfood, and waited until the next morning. That's often the case with large possums, but babies? Babies are easy. You just get them to climb onto the end of a broom and you move 'em to a safe spot. If you've got a pushbroom, you can probably get them up on a tree limb and safe from predators. If not, a neighbor's home is your best bet.

Weird thing to happen on a Wednesday night, no?

Oh, and we had our first 90+ F day in Dallas today. We turned on the A/C. Thank God for refrigerated air!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I've never sen a possum, but I've seen a lot of rats. I'm more prone to making ralphing noises and running away than helping them however.

Lemon Gloria said...

I ALWAYS try to spell judgmental judgemental! Always! That drives me crazy.

And I love that you know exactly what to do with a possum stuck in a fence. That's pretty fantastic.