Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too bad you can't knit while driving

Dave and I are no strangers to time in the car. We did drive (stupidly, might I add) to Key West and back. I am usually lucky to be in the passenger seat. While this means that I relinquish control of the radio for a fair amount of the trip, it also means that I may knit while we traverse the more boring parts of the journey.

I'm making my way down to Houston later today. It's a TREMENDOUSLY BORING DRIVE. Really boring. So boring that I would prefer to hire out the driving so that I can instead knit while we make our way to the swampy air of the Bayou City.

Regardless, you shouldn't feel left out in the cold just because I'm gone for a while. You see that little box to your right? The one that says "Road Bumps"? That's my twitter feed. Feel free to follow it and get your fix of Miss Dallas while I'm away from my desk.

Also, go leave some love for berg with fries and switching over to AM. It must be hard to be sans wife for the weekend.

Back soon!


Olivia said...

Um, I no longer do Twitter...I wish your Twitter feed would show up on my FB page...

And yes, it is a boring drive, but then I actually like driving so it's only half boring, unless you do it too often and then it's completely boring.

Lisa said...

My friend Maude and I drove to CA from DC, and man, it was long, flat, boring driving across your state. We kept being all, "Are we STILL in Texas?!?"