Friday, June 12, 2009

Beers with people with babies

So, a lot of the couples that Dave and I hang out with are either pregnant or have kids. When one of our friends' spawn have a birthday you just go, regardless of whether or not you have your own spawn to tote to the party.

Last weekend we went to Dave's close friend's daughter's third birthday party. It was at his his friend's father's place out in Garland. There was a pool. There was beer. I brought my camera. I regret not getting a picture of a half naked Barbie standing in a cake. I didn't even know that they still made those Barbie cakes. I always considered them embarassing for Barbie. You are basically undressing her and eating her clothes. Classy.

Some of my favorites:


Here we have the birthday girl, Leah. I am told she is a ham in front of a camera. It is true. She is coy and cute right on cue!


For some reason, I totally get a "movie star" vibe from Leah here. Her grandfather, Harold, is trying to ask her a question, and she has this sort of upturned nose toward him, sunglasses obscuring her face, as if to wonder how he dared address her in public. What a diva.


Click to go to the full sized one, and you can see the blue icing from the Barbie cake still staining her mouth. So cute!


Leah and her mom, Shelley. Shelley is the wonderful gal that introduced me to my dear husband, Dave.


What a catch, right?


Here's Leah with her dad, Mike. Mike's nickname is "Chicken." Dave and Mike were good friends growing up. Dave is still growing up (See previous picture).



Here's Janice. She is the wrangler of three very high-energy yet unbelievably cute girls.


And here's Leah, about to go down the inflatable slide. I love that little "OMG!" face in the background!


"Whoa! This is really high! You better be at the bottom to catch me!"


"Maybe it's just too high. I'm going to scoot down a little and then I'll slide. OK?"


"Look, Dad. It's just scary. Do I have to let go of the slide?"



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