Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's review...

Last year I was busy catching up while the kitties were busy breaking in their condo. Too bad I didn't record my resolutions.

In 2007 I was to:

1) Get into bikini shape before my Key West vacation. (check!)

2) Work on inversions, especially scorpion pose. (check!)


3) Run the 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. (miss!)

Two out of three ain't bad.

This year I'll:

1) Stay in bikini shape and make more trips to the beach this summer to motivate me.

2) Take my inversions off of the wall. (eek!)

3) Run the 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

4) Keep up with my knitting.

5) Make a genuine effort to simplify and organize.


Christmas with the family was pretty freakin' awesome! Check out everyone in their cool hats!






(note: the hat on the left was just finished before it was handed over to the rightful owner!)

Hope y'all had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year's Eve! We'll talk party later!


lotus07 said...

Your resolutions are much more realistic than mine.....

NETA said...

you're a sick barbarian! In a civilised society we make resolutions then go about our daily business and forget about them!

Silly American.

MattJ said...

How very bizarre! (that was me by the way, that is a work account! :s)

MattJ said...

your hats look totally more awesomer by the way!

lunaliar said...

Matt: I'm glad you like the hats! I was totally shocked that my sister Kara fell in love with the hat that I thought she would eventually despise, donate and demand a re-do. Everyone's head was covered and satisfied with a cozy disposition.

Lotus: What are your resolutions, by the way?

MattJ said...

Oooooh cruel fate this coming out afetr christmas! Check this out for the baseball fanatic! : clicky

lunaliar said...

Oh Lord. Please. Hide that from Dave. Moment he sees it he'll get the wantees.

MattJ said...

heheh! Should be widely available by birthday time........ :p

Are you going to do a political post about all these weird non-election elections you got going on? You guys sure know how to overcomplicate the democratic process lol!

Even though he's a Republican, I relly quite like Joh n McCain but then I am easily swayed by the Dasily Show, though find myself pleased that Clinton is struggling, there is something very insincere and cold about that woman! Anyway, this is purely a media driven opinion, give us insights and expalnations!

that or show me more hats, either is good ;)