Thursday, January 10, 2008

Revelry unraveled

Dave and I usually don't go to wild and crazy parties. In fact, we never go to wild and crazy anything because most of our friends have kids, many of which are still in that weird, parasitic stage where they have to take them everywhere with them. So, on NYE we hung out with Dave and Christine at their nearby home, thus cutting the distance we would have to transverse in a less than optimal state (a few blocks, not driving thankyouverymuch). It was a good time, as is any party with gratuitous karaoke and lotsa booze.



We brought some crusty Italian bread, some good cheese and some prosciutto with us, and of course, a bottle of Asti. Christine is an amazing cook, and there were lots of great munchies, like fondue, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed endives, and other stuff containing beef that looked tasty but is off limits for me and my husband.

So, in between glasses of wine and champagne we chatted, sang, rang in the new year and generally got boozed up crazy-like.





If you couldn't already tell, I look like either a fish or a moron in all of the pictures we took that night. I have a tendency to do that when inebriated. Though, the best picture is child exploitation at its finest:


Cute baby holding a package of ... cock soup.

Happy New Year!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Cock soup!

Babies are great for exploiting like that.

Olivia said...

Hey Jo! I'm glad you're not a daily blogger, as it took me no time to catch up with your goings on.

I love your fingerless knitted gloves - my old roommate met up with me the other day on a cold evening, and her bf's sister had knitted her a pair in sage green that felt like a wool, silk and rabbit mix with a very sweet band of cream velvet ribbon edged with a tiny lace frill.

It is adorable!!! I looooove your comfy living room! You have a yoga room and a baseball room! Look slike it also serves as the study?

Finally, thank you for continuing to stop by my blog when I was stuck offline!

Olivia said...

Do another blog, puleeez!