Monday, January 22, 2007

Didja miss me?

It's been hectic around here, still recovering from Christmas, still longing for my family that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving... It's rough being popular.

Everyone is doing well at the House of England.

The cats, realizing their lifelong dream of real estate ownership, have aquired a condo together:

Dave, realizing that Italy is only a plate of pasta away, has over indugled:

Knowing that it just isn't New Years Day without Hop 'n John and cabbage, have cooked up plenty of good luck and money:


My photogenic sister has visited, knowing full well that I am addicted to black and white film, good vodka and relaxing weekends with my camera:


Mr. Orange, emminent tabby of the block that he is, frequently enjoyed his newly acquired digs with a decent view of the front yard, that is frequently less-than-decent looking:


And I have, and will continue to drink San Francisco beer although I am far from the Bay area, which is quite disconcerting, considering those bastards over there ripped my heart out and buried it there (San Francisco, that is):


OH!!! And Heavens! How could I forget!? We made pizza from scratch!



Olivia said...

Happy New Year from commenter Number One!


At least, with all the work, I hope you are not stressed. YOu certainly sound very happy and content with life in this post.

So, you left you heart in San Francisco, didja? hehe.

The pizza looks like the one I ate last week. When you say "from scratch", do you mean the dough too? ;)

lunaliar said...

Yup! I made the dough and baked the crust all from scratch! It was so fun!

I am content with life right now. It's definately keeping me busy, but I want to get to work on writing a book, but that seems to be something I'll have to put on the back burner, like knitting and sewing!

And I left my heart in San Francisco, somewhere around North Beach!

Saw your photos from Canada, was fun eh?

Olivia said...

Oh crap, I lost my comment.

I said something about anyone visiting San Fran would probably want to leave their heart there if it is a pretty as it looks from here.

And also about my northern Italian "Padano" pizza I ate for dinner in case you want to try it sometime:

Usual tomato base
Goat's cheese
fresh red onion
caramelised red onion confit (stewed in brown sugar, red wine, and spices)
black pepper
and a final drizzle of olive oil

lunaliar said...

OOOoooOOOH! That sounds so good! Was it fresh Mozzarella? My favorite pizza, which I will probably make next time, is large slices of marinated tomatoes (olive oil, sea salt, dry sherry and italian spices) with fresh basil leaves and fresh Mozzarella!

San Fran is so gorgeous. Really, you just get lost there. It's just a lovely city to walk around in (if you don't mind the workout, because the hills are insane!). There are fabulous little intimate restaurants around every corner with amazing food and service. It's not quite as pricey as a lot of other tourist destinations, because you can have a great dinner for two for less than $60 (not including booze).

Ahhh... To be "sittin' on the dock of the bay!"

Olivia said...

Hehe! Unusually for a European pizza, the mozz. was not fresh...

I DO LOVE fresh mozz when it is melted....mmmmmm.
Ever tried bufala mozz?

The best best pizza I ever had was part of someone else's in Rome. No tomato, fresh bufala mozz, and pumpkin flowers. WOW!


I like the sound of intimate restaurants around every corner. The idea reminds me of Verona.