Thursday, January 25, 2007

100% Wool

I started knitting a hat on Tuesday from the most gorgeous variegated chunky wool by Crystal Palace Yarns. I'm really self conscious about it, so I won't post pictures until I'm a ways into it. I haven't knitted with wool in a while, staying with novelty yarns that hide mistakes, but now, I'm ready to take the leap.

After this hat, I plan to knit some gauntlet fingerless mittens and then another hat, and then another hat...

I got plenty of yarn for christmas, including a gift card to Joann's, but I have yet to find a good LYS (knitter-speak for Local Yarn Store). If anyone out there knows a particularly good one in the White Rock Lake area, please turn me on to it!


Olivia said...

Amazing that you have the patience and industry to knit.

I've been to White Rock Lake. Not sure I liked it, but it was only once and there wsa a lot of construction.

Hey, ever been to Lake Conroe?

MattJ said...

Hey! I wanna hat! hehe.

lunaliar said...

Liv, I used to spend entire summers on Lake Conroe, actually, in Cape Walden, which is a small enclave of condos and lakeside estates with a private marina. My best friend's father had a condo out there and a boat, and we would water ski, swim and sun bathe all summer, and when it was raining, we'd watch the Star Wars trilogy. We had fun. We were nerds.

Oh, and Matt, I have yet to finish my first hat, so I'm not sure you want one, even though I have yet to get some carrot cake cookies to you!

Olivia said...

Wow, this weekend I left a comment here and I guess I didn't check to see if it actually uploaded before closing the window.

Anyway, I've been to Lake Conroe twice:
once to take my Canadian uncle fishing, as he had taught me how at their cottage on Lake Huron.
And another time at a conference at the Del Lago resort.

Ashbloem said...

It isn't exactly near White Rock Lake but the Wooly Ewe in Plano has a great selection; one of the best I have seen.

Haven't been, but the Shabby Sheep on Boll St looks promising.