Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My life as Cathy

A coworker is going through a parallel struggle against fat, and we both extoll the days we've been "good" and haven't gorged ourselves on ubiquitous, easily consumed and seemingly pervasive holiday treats. Likewise, we both verbally flog ourselves with guilt and admittance when we've partaken of said treats. In the refrigerator at work you are faced with a blue pill/red pill choice: Will you go for the bowl of sliced fruit and be proud of yourself or will you sneak one of the brownies/cheescake bites/rasberry bars/cookies and feel remarkably guilty for it? Today it was fruit, but I only did it because yesterday it was a cheesecake bite AND a brownie.

If you've ever seen the long-running American comic strip "Cathy" then you see the obvious parallel between my struggle against my lard-ass genes and Cathy's own flab fight. Though, Cathy is such a poor example -- she hasn't lost weight in almost 30 years! She's gotta be like, a size 16!


lotus07 said...

My wife is deeply into the mantra of 'Jenny Craig'.....but honestly, I don't think husbands really notice the difference. Any husband that 'expects' you to be a size 6, isn't a very good spouse.

Olivia said...

Hah! I'd forgotten about Cathy.

*looks at the yoga pose*
You're struggling with weight??? Nahhhh!

lunaliar said...

My whole family is a genetic disaster when it comes to obesity. It's an uphill battle to maintain any kind of healthy weight for all of us. That and I like food, so my main goal right now is to find good low cal/low carb recipies that don't taste low cal/low carb. My most self-conscious times of the day are when I don my yoga duds. I'd like to feel really comfortable in them one day, and have the confidence to go to a bikram class and not be half-covered.

Honestly, I just want to look good naked.

Olivia said...

Don't we all?

lunaliar said...

Yes, but I went to a company party this weekend where the spouse of a coworker is the most amazing chef and prepared a delicious buffett! I stuffed my face with some really amazing food, and the day before I had pizza with anchovies!!! How awful!