Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Draft

It's finally chilly here in Texas. It's our first winter in the new house and my, my, my is this little sucker drafty. And the furnace sounds like there's a freight train going 80 mph in our back yard. And I don't have a decent set of slippers!

I've been through a cold winter here in Dallas. Last year we had snow that stuck for like, three or four days!!! But in the old drafty house we used to live in I had a nice set of shearling slippers and there were gas furnaces in just about every room.

Now that we have central heat and air conditioning I'm kind of missing the heaters. They were quiet. Heck, they were silent. Just imagine trying to get nice and toasty and curl up in bed only to almost drift off when all of the sudden it sounds like there's a semi on top of you.

The cats are having a rough time dealing with the cold, too. They're warming up by way of double occupancy.


This cold weather has also lead me to conclude that I don't have nearly as many cool sweaters as I though. I guess I should go out and buy more cool sweaters. Nod your heads, people... Thanks a bunch!

Also, I've been working on my scorpion pose a lot. Although it still looks like crap, I just have to take a look back at how incredibly far I've come. At one time I couldn't keep my arms under me, my elbows would always splay and my head would come to the floor, but look at me now!



The Moody Minstrel said...

Hello! I'm just visiting off of Olivia's site.

A semi truck in your house? Good grief...what kind of furnace do you have, anyway? Is it gas, oil, thermonuclear, or is there a bunch of little imps from hell having a heated swordfight in there?

There was a gas furnace in the house where I lived for most of my grade school days, and it made a whole lot of wild sounds. There was that sudden roar when it ignited followed by a prolonged chorus of clicking as the metal expanded. Then, when it got up to temperature, the fan suddenly came on with a sound kind of like the phaser firing switch from the old Star Trek (if you have any idea what I'm talking about). The main air intake actually hummed!

I was scared to death of that thing when I was really little.

I guess central heating's not all it's cracked up to be.

lunaliar said...

It's an electric furnace, and the thing that's noisy I think is the fan that's supposed to be propelling hot air through the house, though it seems to me that the furnace is all bark and no bite. There are areas in the house where you would think the heat isn't even turned on!

The 100-year-old house we were in before had an array of gas space heaters scattered throughout the house, which was nice because if you were in one room for a long period you were only running heat in that room, which saved us a lot of money. But the house was also very drafty, and if you turned the heat off for just a few moments the chill would seep into your bones!

Olivia said...

All Hail the Jo in Scorpion Pose! You rock girl!!! Look at that!

So you blog every day now? I can't keep up, look how many I've missed.

Nice to see Minstrel over here, he's ace.

When you say it's cold in Dallas....nah, just kidding. Noticed that London and Houston were the same temp today (about 54), which means Dallas must be even colder! Brrrr.

So when are you buying those new sweaters? ;)

lunaliar said...

If we had H&M here in Texas I'd go sweater shopping today. We don't, so I'm going to shop whenever I can scrounge up the time... :(