Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tossed, turned, battered and fried...

I felt like a half-eaten chicken fried steak Thursday morning: tossed, turned, battered and fried, then left in the fridge for later. It was the second in what I fear will become a succession of nights in which sleep is won in an epic battle between man and beast and man.

Fitzgerald insists on sleeping in our bed. I'm okay with that, except that he insists on sleeping right in between me and Dave, which makes our roomy Queen-sized bed seem like an Army cot. And I can't just usher him to the foot of the bed ... I feel like that would be mean, and I intend to spoil him rotten. So I roll over and over to get comfortable without disturbing the dog and without falling off of the bed. It's like mattress olympics, but not sexy.

My mother called last night and asked me what I thought about Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. I really was kind of taken that my mother asked in the first place, so assuming that she really wanted to know, I went off in my analysis of current events leading up to Rummy's pink slip and what his permanent vacation might mean for the Bush administration and our troops in Iraq.

When I was done she said, "Well ... Okay. Let me tell you what my friend is doing. She's working for this Presbyterian church and they've brought in this fundraiser ... "

I should have known. She was just being nice!


Thursday night we watched Woody Allen's Match Point. Honestly, how did this flick garner so much critical acclaim? It was so slow, and predictable, notably due to the fact that the plot was the premise of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. I have to say that the book was boring, even torturous, when I was forced to read it in high school. Honestly, it might have been worse, because we were obliged to fast-forward through some parts.

That was one wasted Netflix rental. I gotta check the queue to make sure that we don't have any more flops in line.


We're due for car shopping soon. I think that once my payroll situation is straightened out, I'll get one of those Nissan Versas, or maybe a Toyota Yaris. Not sure. I was once dead set on getting a Scion xB, but I'm not so sure now. I really wanted to get a Prius, but I don't think that selling the Jeep is in the cards right now. We're having a lot of difficulty being a one-car household with all of the things we're involved in. Maybe once we're ready to buy another car, and we sell the Jeep, we'll get a hybrid. Looks like for now though, I gotta give up the dream of having a Prius.


Feels good to blog again, folks. Feels good to be back.


Olivia said...

I know, I'm not used to you being back!
Tis nice, though :)

I am so behind in movies, it's not even funny. But the first movie I fast forwarded through was Four Weddngs and a Funeral. THat was beofre I realised there were movies in the world without a point, and have since watched it all the way through from sheer laziness :P

The first movie I nearly walked out of at the cinema was Sphere. Obviously, I have since watched that all too.

Funny, when you live alone you'll watch anything.
I think it's also because when I watch movies now, with the life experiences I have had since those innocent days, I am thinking about and observing so much more than just the plot.

lunaliar said...

Dave said that he didn't like "Annie Hall" mostly because it beat "Star Wars" for the Best Picture Oscar in the year they debuted. I actually thought Annie Hall was witty, however it was SO LONG! I think it's just something about Woody Allen movies that you need a substantial bit of patience to sit through them.

by the way, I'll be blogging again soon!