Monday, November 27, 2006

And doggie makes three!

Dave, Fitzy and I headed down to Houston this weekend. Thank God Dave's dad let us borrow his Passat, which has made me change my mind about buying a Toyota. Volkswagens are just so nifty. And cute, too!

It was fun to be with the Jemison Clan this long weekend. Everyone was in town, except Aron, who couldn't make it because he was in the middle of an out-of-state job.

We cooked we ate and we enjoyed one another. I honestly don't think there was any major conflict during the weekend between any of us, which is a feat in itself.

I visited Kara in her new apartment and Phillip and Meggo in their new house. My brother and sister-in-law and my newly minted hubby watched Shogun Assassin. Really, it was awesome. The most campy Kung Fu movie ever! It was a real blast to watch, considering the large amounts of orangey-red blood in every scene and the half-assed special effects! A real must-see!!!

On Saturday I went yarn shopping with my mother. Honestly, that was the most fun I had all weekend, excluding going on a motorcycle ride with my dad! If I have time later this week, I'll post pictures, but even though I don't have a vacation coming around for a while, this past four-day excursion will do well to hold me over!


Arty said...

VWs nifty and cute, yes they are!
My Dad nearly got me a Jetta for my first car but I wanted a Golf.

Nice to hear you had a relatively uneventful Thanksgiving weekend. I miss that holiday, but in a way it's a good thing I'm not faced with it every year because I will just be missing my parents being together and my mother cooking in our house, which has been on the market for a week now, in The Woodlands. An even more concrete end to an era :(

This weekend I borrowed DVDs: The Village (unfortunately I ruined the twist by reading about it beforehand, but it would have been a good one!) and Aeon Flux (WOAH COOL! It will go on my faves list.)

Arty said...

Arty is me, Olivia, on Google.

lunaliar said...

I liked The Village, don't know why the critics dissed it so bad, and I LOVED Aeon Flux. Dave, sadly, hated both. He's so much more of an film noir type of guy than me. I like resolution in my films, both good and bad, not to say I don't like film noir, but it's not a genre I'd choose often.

MattJ said...

Aeon flux is good? I avoided it, cos game conversions are usually so poor lol!

Shogun Assassin though is a qulaity flick of awesome proportions. I don't care it's camped up, badly effected - it RAWWWWKS! lol!

Arty said...

see I never can get why guys are so critical of movies.

It was cool, and that's that, original versions be hanged.

Matt, Aeon Flux was an animation on MTV.
I can already tell I wouldn't like the Shogun Assassin one...