Monday, November 06, 2006


Everything was nuts on Thursday morning, as I was making preparations in the office to be out that afternoon and Friday to have my wisdom teeth removed. During my consult with the oral surgeon on Tuesday, he said that instead of four wisdom teeth, I only had two, indicating that I am indeed the pinnacle of evolution, as our genes fail to produce the two bottom, more superfluous teeth.

Dave retrieved me after the surgery, and it was the weirdest sensation ever having your entire mouth deadened. We picked up my prescription for vicodin and antibiotics and some coffee-flavored ice cream, and I proceeded to rock my new faux-fur-trimmed slippers all weekend.

That evening, Vicki came by to drop off some chicken potato soup and some magazines. I tell ya, those womans' magazines are so interesting when you're locked in a drug-induced haze. I read through Woman's Day and Family Circle during the incredibly embarrassing Maverick's game. Marcus had come by to join us, and while leafing through the recipes, I managed to get a few shots of the boys.


Round and round he goes

One little paw


Fitzgerald now has quite the wardrobe. He has a tee shirt, a cable-knit sweater and a collared tee shirt. All he needs is a pair of boots and he's fully dressed! However, we did somehow manage to loose his collar. How pitiful!

Yesterday, I baked. I made my first two successful loaves of bread! I'm not talking you're banana-nut confections, or my zucchini bread, but real, honest to goodness sandwich bread! It's soooo good!

Quit loafing around!

I also made one regular sized loaf of buttercup squash bread and three mini loaves for folks at work.

I can't wait to make more bread!!! YAY!!!


Olivia said...

Yay, hellooooo! You're back :)

What peaceful domestic pics there...your gas fire is pretty.

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I was under general anesthetic so when they finished, they woke me up, took me to the car and put my seatbelts on, but I do't remember the drive home and remember a moment when my mum parked outside Randall's to dash in for my Vicodin prescription, and then she took me home and put me to bed to sleep it off.

I didn't want to take it, and bore the pain for 3 days, after which I tried a Vicodin, but I was SO glassy eyed and probably drooling, that I just stuck to Aleve for a couple of days.

Those loaves of bread...
*grabs one and runs*


MattJ said...

w00t! You are return-ed! How's married bliss? It's good to see you back in fine fettle with your blog! And the bread looks the bomb, I keep threatening to try to bake but always have an excuse (usually 'the wrong oven') - I think I am just convinced I will fail!

As for teeth, I am gonna get private dental through work next year and i will totally get my money's worth - I live that stereotype!

All was going well until I saw you clothed that poor dog - a sure sign of an unhinged mind ;)

Like the pic where he is next to the cat - like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.....only, you know. Like Evil and good. and it's not a garden.....errr......

Olivia at work said...

Oy Matt, what is wrong with a clothed dog? Tis only a wee thing, and they shiver at any excuse! Bless his little cotton socks :P

lunaliar said...

No kiddin, Liv! Dave's really the one who keeps dressing him. He's so worried that little Fitzy is too cold, or is shivering too much, and out comes the sweater!

I'll be baking again soon, pictures to come of my handy-dandy stand mixer in action!