Thursday, November 03, 2005

The opened window

Oh, readers (and I know I'm delusional to think that there may be more than just a handful of you guys, but you're plural, nonetheless)! One thing and then another, and one more after that; this is my busy and distracted life.

I had planned to do a weekend by rail last weekend; however, my plans were thwarted by my own inability to schedule. I did end up adventuring with Dave. We went to a cafe on Mockingbird and then off to Thanksgiving Square. I took a few photos, but we were swiftly resigned from the park and chapel. Visiting hours were over.

Sunday's exploits included washing terrariums and feeding tadpoles. Dinner and a movie and off to bed at a decent hour.

Good news though. Tracy is giving me froggies! The trouble is, will I have to set up a vivarium for the D. auratus I'll receive? Or will Tracy help me? I know a little about exotic terrariums with my previous experiences with reptiles, but they're require less extensive habitat and maintenance; all in all, the snakes I've owned where required relatively simple care.

Anywho, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling today has gotten a few people in the office quite incensed. I'm one of them. I loooooooooooove political discourse.

Oh, and watchout Santa Fe, HERE I COME!!!


Desiree said...
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Desiree said...

Just thought that I would drop a note and tell you that I completely abhor....Jacquielynn Floyd. I just thought that it might be an appropriate comment seeing as how you were talking about the office, work and most importantly...people in general. Anyways, I hope that all is well with you and that you are amused by all of the political discourse that is floating about.

lunaliar said...

You don't like Jack? WHY??? I, personally, like her immensely more than Sherry Jacobson, who seems to have a hard-on for cutting Mayor Miller deep. Things are going well. You want to get together soon???

MattJ said...

Schedule?! Don't swear at me again OK?

It's simple. Gte up, go to station, buy ticket. Sounds like fun was had though, the important thing was that you went off for an adventure though it doesn't sound like you found the missing piece yet. I was gonna go for an adventure today but this is England in November. I think it's due to stop raining some time in June :-P

MattJ said...

Oh, and it's me and desiree. That's plural. So you're on to a winner. ;-p