Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Upon further examination

My mother seems to think that I don't get out enough, that I don't talk to my friends enough and that I'm losing touch with my family. All this she found out from last month's cellular bill. Apparently, I'm antisocial and I have no intention of changing my ways of hermitdom. I object, I am merely an elitest, thankyouverymuch.

No, I really did heed her advice. I called everyone in my phone directory -- twice. I thought they may not get enough of me the first time around, so I may as well give them double the pleasure.

So, there ... I'm not antisocial. I'm just preoccupied ... and an elitest ... who doesn't like talking on the phone much ... unless you're not boring ... I think that's about it.

Proposition 2 is a much debated and combustible state constitutional amendment that would effectively ban gay marriage and anything "identical or similar" to it. Some legal analysts believe that this amendment could do great harm to legal arrangements made by same-sex couples that give powers of attorney to their partners and it could also nullify common-law marriges established by cohabitation. Basically, this constitutional amendment's interpretation could break thousands of families. It's implications are serious and widespread. They cross gender and cultural barriers to bring us to the point where the Christian reich ... (cough) ... I mean, right, Christian right will force Texas to become Utah lite, and we all know that there's no fun in Utah ... NONE.

All of this, the seriousness of the situation and its impact, brings me to my inevitable (yes, I was eventually going to get there) point. Voters are easily fooled. Why? Because for the most part, they're ignorant. Honestly though, if some of my closer friends are any indication of what a cross-section of society looks like, then please, God, help us. Last night I was talking to one of those people, you know, my friends, about Proposition 2 (the aforementioned hellhound of the Texas Legislature) and they knew vaguely that they amendment was about gay marriage, but they said, " I'm soooooo voting for it, because, like, I think that gays should be married, too!" WHAT THE? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? REALLY? GAYS SHOULD WHAT?

Okay... I wasn't that irate, but you get the picture. Like I said, if those folks are any indication of what the level of education of my fellow Texans is regarding items on today's ballot, then GOD HELP THOSE POOR LITTLE QUEER SOULS, because if their future is in those hands, they are proverbially (and literally, if they're lucky) screwed.

For me, it's like this: I don't think that same-sex couples should share in a tradition that I think is reserved more for perceived religious purposes, but that doesn't mean that we as Americans, Texans and God-fearing Christians (I don't really fear God, but I sure do love the heck outta him!) should never be able to deny their legal rights to enjoy the benefits of an institution like marriage. There are hundreds of legal benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy just by getting hitched. And this is news: Straight folks get divorced half of the time while gays split about one fifth of the time. So, for every two couples that get married, one will split, but for every five gay couples that form civil unions, only one will end. Interesting eh?

Lots of conservative groups, virtually TONS of them, think that homosexual marriage is an assault on traditional family values; however, I tend to agree with the foes of Proposition 2 that think that DIVORCE, you know, that institution that Henry VIII just HAD to have, is what is assaulting traditional family values.

But, I tend to think that America's greatest enemy is its citizens and their right to ignorance.


aubbie said...

I'm going to start chunking jars of peanut butter.

MattJ said...

Awesome Rant. Good Work. You're on the map now ;-) . I am always amazed at how Unchristian christians often are. They use the Bible like some moral Teflon Shield that protects them from the fact that they are total shits. I'm talking about thsoe opponents to Prop 2 of course, those that claim to follow the same religion as you. I'm pretty much with you on both points, the Gay Marriage thing and the ignorance of the electorate. It truly amazed me how the Bush Administration was able to Draw a big red line through previously 'inalienable' rights in your constitution and still get re-elected. Gay marriage is an attack on the good christian values of real Americans but making sure a 4 year old can't get hold of a pistol (a weapon whos only purpose is to shoot other people) and shoot his class mate in the face is down right unconstituional.

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people.................. Yeah but guns help though don't you think? I'm pretty sure the Death rate would plummet if we just ran up to eachother and shouted 'BANG!'" - Eddie Izzard

MattJ said...

Incidentally, just tell your mother that you are SO popular and sociable that otehr people call you, thus there is no need for you to dial out on your cell. ;-)

lunaliar said...


You can take that to the bank, Eddie...