Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm sick today. Scratchy throat and sinus drainage. I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as Matt's Man Flu; however, it is quite heinous.

I wish I could wear thick flannel pajamas, a terrycloth bathrobe and fuzzy slippers with fuzzy socks in the office. But alas, that shall not be permitted.

I'll just deal with it, and that means that I won't miss a day of work because of it.


Also in the news (in case my news was of any concern to you), I filled out my benefit paperwork for next year. I guess that's alright. But I don't have insurance now, which sucks, you know, because I'm sick... blech.

I wish we had national health care. ***pouts***


MattJ said...

Hang in there, if you've made it through the night you are over the worst of it!

Also. Chicken Soup

lunaliar said...

I'm rocking the soup, and I'm feeling better daily... not nearly the chilled grip of black death that you experienced, but I'm hanging tough...

Famulus said...

So why don't you get a National Health Service? Nothing stopping you (apart from your government, that is). As long as you don't expect much of it. ;-) I mean, you guys have to have health insurance, but with such insurance, you get (so I'm told) a better system. Shorter waiting times and top quality care. Our system says that everyone can have care... eventually. Do you think that it is possible to combine the better qualities of them both?

Or, of course, never get sick. :-)

Damn that man-flu.