Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Another Finished Object, And a Trip to Colorado

We've been back from Colorado for two painful weeks. They've been painful because, after visiting Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak, Fort Collins, Boulder, Estes Park, and Aurora, we've seen what we've been missing by not living near the Rockies.

First, there are views like this:


This was taken from the Eastern edge of Aurora on our way back to our friends' house. We ended up taking several day trips because my dear childhood friend allowed us to use her car. She wasn't headed anywhere, considering that, just a day before we arrived, she gave birth to my sweet "nephew." Which is awesome, because that meant he could model the blanket I made for him!


It's from hand-dyed Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool (You're actually looking at the "wrong" side of the blanket, but what the heck). I used four different shades of Kool Aid to dye the yarn in a many tones of red. I love how it turned out, and hopefully it will get many years of use!


On our first day, we tried to take it easy to avoid altitude sickness, so we went to downtown Denver to visit a couple of book stores, a yarn shop, and a Mexican restaurant all recommended to us by the ever-lovely Colorado native, The Maiden Metallurgist.

First, though, I visited the state capitol building, which was pretty cool. I mean, it's no Texas State Capitol, but it did have some neat features, like the stained glass portraits:


The walls were suffocating witha beautifully veined stone, too:


And you could take a trip to the tip-top of the dome:


And soak up the vista:



Wow, right?

And then we went to La Cueva. Seriously. Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200 without La Cueva's chile rellenos. It's two Anaheim peppers stuffed with Jack cheese and fried to a pleasant texture. They're then smothered in your choice of red or green chile sauce, a la so many joints in New Mexico. If you're a wimp like me when it comes to spicy foods, the red chile sauce is a safe bet. The rellenos go perfectly with the fresh-made flour tortillas.

The folks at La Cueva were even kind enough to show us how they make their tortillas. Two women work the tortilla press until each bit of dough is thin, round, and uniform:


As they day goes by, a single cook mans the griddle, turning out tortillas by flipping them almost constantly until they're just a little bubbled and browned:


And folks, that was just the first day.

You can check out our travels though my flickr feed, which has some pretty crazy photos of rocks (never thought I'd say that).



The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Am bubbling over with homesickness now.

Betzy said...

AWW! my little man is on your blog! yay!
I'm glad y'all had a so much fun and we were able to facilitate that with my sad little car. LOL!

Miss Dallas said...

Betzy! We loved staying with y'all, and I hope you'll have us back. And your car is not sad! Lol!