Wednesday, July 07, 2010

While I'm Still Up...

I've been doing work for work. It's late. I'm tired. Right now, the weirdest things are bugging me:

When you drink a lot of coffee, your urine smells like coffee. When you eat a lot of asparagus, your urine just smells weird. Why?

Why does peanut butter make just about anything taste better?

Why do muscle relaxers make you drowsy? Is there an awake muscle that gets really relaxed?

OK. That's enough brain purging. Good night.

1 comment:

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh! I'm glad you said this! I've talked to people about asparagus pee - because everyone knows about that - but didn't want to ask about coffee pee since then I thought, boy, people will think I sit around sniffing my pee all the time. But coffee pee is odd!