Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Games People Play

Dave and I have this little game that involves a small plastic civil war figurine and a modified game of hide the saltine.

Here is the guy:

our guy

Here are the rules:

1. On your turn, you must hide the guy in plain sight (cannot be behind anything).

2. The guy must remain within the boundaries of the house.

3. You must acknowledge finding the guy before it is your turn to hide him.

This has just been a fun, cute little game between Dave and I. We both wonder where the guy will turn up next or where he will be perched, however precariously.

I was waiting in an exam room of the otologist's office and I was very shocked to see this:

their guy

Looks like someone plays the workplace version of hide the guy.


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carissajaded said...

I loveeee Hide the Saltine!! I play this all the time with a friend. We secretly take things from each other's house that we may or may not notice and display them in our own house the next time we visit...