Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New distractions

At my last job I had to multi-task like crazy. The phone seemed to always be ringing off the hook. I had to shift gears more often than a NASCAR driver. As a result, I always seemed to be distracted by something and most of my day was spent getting things back on track. I don't miss the constant phone-ringing, to be honest, but now there's a whole new level of distractions to deal with in my home office...

... and they all happen to be furry.


Olivia said...

Furry distractions are the best kind.

I could never have a job with a phone that rang off the hook! Mine rang about 5 times today (one particular worrisome PM) and I think that outnumbered anyone else around me.

Jo said...

I am loving that most of my work is by email and I'm not answering the phones or dealing with irate readers anymore.

I was talking to one of my friends from yoga class last night and she didn't know I was laid off. She asked me about work at the paper and I said, "Oh, I was laid off in the last round," and she said, "Wow! You seem really relieved about that."

Didn't realize it then, but yeah, I am in a way relieved. I don't have to worry about the possibility of losing my job anymore and I can just move on.