Monday, October 13, 2008

With my bare hands

I hear that a lot of people did fun things this weekend. A few people went to the UT/OU Red River Rivalry game at Fair Park, others went to the State Fair of Texas just for kicks. Others even went to the movies and hung out and had drinks with friends. What did I do, dear readers?


I built a new run for our flock of SIX hens.


It has a full-sized door. Now I don't have to crouch on hands and knees to give the gals food and water.


I also painted the exterior to resemble the magnificent Fenway Park.


The girls are loving it!

I couldn't have done it without the patience and understanding of my dear husband, Dave. Thanks babe!


Olivia said...

Heck, I did NOTHIN' this weekend.

Ooh your chickies are all grown up now. So cuuuute. Lord, I am so animal-deprived I go gaga over sparrows now...

So@24 said...



MattJ said...

I think I want to come and live in your house, despite the cats it looks a very cool and happy place. And you have chickens :D