Thursday, October 16, 2008

In case you couldn't figure out what to get me for Christmas ...

I know this is awfully presumptuous, but since I'm already knitting Christmas gifts for my loved ones, I bet they're wondering what lovely thing they could get me this Christmas/Birthday. A few ideas:

A set of two poach pods.

A mandoline slicer.

A food grinder/slicer attachment kit and a pasta maker kit for my kitchen aid stand mixer.

A juicer.

A set of 2.5mm and 3 mm Harmony Wood double pointed knitting needles.

A food scale.

And a gift card to KnitPicks, for yarn, of course. :D

Oh, and you know, I like fabric, too, so how about a gift card to Ikea and one to Joann's?

I know I sound greedy, but people, I have dreams. Domestic ones.


UB said...

I have a mandolin slicer you can have. I washed off the blood and sent the fingertip to my lover in Belgium. Merry Christmas! UB

Olivia said...

You are becoming quite the domestic goddess!

Hey where's the rest of your East Coast Trip?

Jo said...

The rest of the East Coast trip is coming. Patience, Dear Livvy!

UB: Gross. I don't want anything that has severed anything in my house.