Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's go time? How about "Go to sleep time"?

Long hours at work have my body clock all screwed up. You see, for journalists in Dallas, today is like a fucking religious holiday. Everyone shows up for work dressed like slobs, anticipating a marathon blogging and poll watching session that lasts from as early as you can get your ass up to as late as you can stand to watch the precincts report. I usually cop out around 5:30 or so because I'm not that dedicated. I'm perfectly OK watching the returns from home.

Lots of folks are giving their Texas primary predictions. Here are mine, with Ohio predictions thrown in there for good measure:

In Texas Obama will win, albeit narrowly, with 52 percent against Hillary's 48. Hillary carries the more liberal, heavily Latino cities of San Antonio and Austin, as well as several rural spots. The glut of the delegates are in Dallas and Houston, and Obama walks away with them.

Huckabee makes a strong showing with 35 to 37 percent of Republican turnout, while McCain wins Texas outright. Lots of crossover voting (Tried and true Rs voting D) puts Huckabee in a better-than-expected position, though he bows out after conceding Texas and becomes first in line for VP spot.

In Ohio, Hillary wins with a decent lead over Obama, mostly due to the large proportion of Yellow-dog Democrats that trust Hillary's battle-tested persona. Hillary will take 54 percent of Ohio's vote to Obama's 46.

Huckabee is a non starter in the Ohio race. McCain's the only real choice for Republicans in Ohio.


There you have it, folks. Go ahead and place your bets because the Election Day Oracle has spoken.


There's a lot of energy bubbling around the office, lots of eager faces waiting for the returns to post (in 6 hours, mind you). It's go time for everyone else, but I'd much rather be back in my bed, rolling over wistfully and reveling in the slightly sweet smell of my feather pillow as it cradles my head, lulling me back to sleep until my alarm gets too annoying or it gets too late to call my first meal breakfast; whichever happens first.


Olivia said...

How she took both states, I do not know...

Jo said...

I'm really quite astonished that Hillary carried Ohio and Texas. I think Barack will still be ahead in delegates though. The interesting thing was the Texas Dem Caucus: It was pandemonium. I'd favor the delegates being decided from the primary votes, but both Hillary and Barack are mulling a legal challenge here. Democrats in Texas really didn't know what to do with the Two-step vote/caucus. There's a lot of turmoil in Dallas-area precincts especially.