Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A visit all too short!

Sorry about my absence. Liv is right, things have been kinda crazy at the House of England. Besides trying to go to all of the home games possible before the Rangers' season ends (like hell they'll make it to October), we've been burning the candle at both ends, taking puppies to the veterinarian, getting $650 tires for Dave's Jeep, working around the house and cooking, though not as much as I'd like. We're still figuring a lot out about this homeowner stuff.

Though, through all the hectic days, it was nice to take a breather when my parents came up to Dallas last weekend. They are so great, except when my father and I talk politics. As long as there is red wine, single-malt scotch and good food, we're a complacent bunch.

Mom and Dad mainly ventured up here to drop off an antique dining table that I'd been pining for. It's a low-back, hand carved mahogany dream, and fully expanded will sit around 10 people! It'll take some cleaning and dressing up, but it's a fine piece! We also got Dave an armchair this weekend, a nice plush, deep-seated job. I've been inhabiting it for the most part!

We had an awesome time going to a minor league ball game, having brunch at our favorite little cafe, and checking out some of our regular haunts. Dad might be up here for a spell this weekend, he's gotta pick up a rifle being delivered in Fort Worth.

I'd post pictures, but I'm a moron and forgot to put a card in my camera, so this weekend was stored on the internal memory, and I've no connector cord with me. But I'm alive, and well, and really freakin' tired if you were wondering!


Olivia said...

Hehehe, a dining table that you've been pining for!

Jo! Good to see you online! I missed you!

Is Dave's chair a recliner? I wish I had a Papa-san chair so I could do everything in it.

MattJ said...

Yeah I spotted that puntastic comment too lol! I wouldn't worry too much about the pics, I appear to have mislaid my camera all together! Welcome back!

lunaliar said...

Thanks for the welcome my blog reading army of two! I honestly hadn't spotted that pun until you pointed it out! Funny!

Liv- The armchair isn't a recliner, but I wish it was, we're thinking about getting an Ottoman as a footstool and as extra seating. Papasan chairs are great, but they pinch the back of my legs too much.

Matt- You lost the camera you just recently got!!! I'm going to invent one of those things were you attach it to the things you lose frequently and it beeps when you want to find it. Sounds like I already have my first customer!