Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'll never leave home!

It is beginning to take so long to take care of everything and get out the door in the morning that I'm beginning to think that the house would rather have me there! Not that I'd mind, you know, staying home and tending house, freelancing when I can, but as long as I have to commute this is beginning to become very cumbersome.

Dave picked up Hornsby from his progress check-up at the Vet yesterday, and they prescribed him ANOTHER treatment. The myriad pills, creams and drops are killing me, and taking a toll in the morning which is when I have to:

-Make coffee
-Water the plants/lawn
-let the dogs out
-feed the dogs/cats
-get dressed
-do my hair/makeup
-pack my lunch
-give Hornsby whatever eye drops/ear medicine/pills the vet prescribes






Olivia said...

You've become a mom of sorts, that's what.

Is your commute longer since you moved? what part of Dallas are you in now?

I rarely leave the house without going out the door and then back in for something!

lunaliar said...

We moved deeper into the wilds of East Dallas, into the Casa Linda/White Rock area near NW HWY and Garland Road.

I also have a problem with leaving something key behind in my rush to get out the door, only to then unlock the front door, grab what I needed, re-lock the door, re-start the car and finally get the hell outta dodge!

I am a mom, but I am so glad that I don't have to pack lunches, all I have to do is drop some kibble in a bowl and they're happy!

MattJ said...

oooh looky at the new look! I should prob go back to trying to build my website......

Olivia said...

LOL "the wilds of East Dallas"
I've only been to White Rock once. One of my cousins lives there, so my mother says, but she gets places wrong all the time.

Olivia said...

Blog! And that's an order! Of course, unless you are busy, which I know is true....*sulk*