Thursday, July 26, 2007

Turning double plays...

If you didn't see it, Hornsby was featured on yesterday! If you need to reaffirm your belief that there are genuinely good, caring, outstanding people on this earth, go to that site and read a few bars.

In other Hornsby-related news, the pupster is doing good, getting along well with the kitties and Fitzgerald! He's doing great with the housebreaking, learning the ropes with the crate. He's enjoying his bed and new family, as far as I can tell. You be the judge!






MattJ said...

Ah, I see you've been applying 'bum re-fluffing' balm? :p

Olivia said...

Boo! I am baaack. You look more moved-in than we do, at least in the living area. I read your post about not moving for a long time, and then going to IKEA, and then stuff going kaput. I think that's how it goes. NOTHING has gone right since I moved! NOTHING!

I am nearly losing my mind here.

I'm on pay as you go dialup coz I am fed up of waiting for the broadband to come back, they said "up to" 15 days, and it looks like they will wait until the 11th hour of the 15th day...

And that's only one thing.

By the way, all our furniture has come from IKEA, all 10 pieces. We got the LEKSVIK range which is a bit rustic and quaint.
IKEA is the cheapest furniture over here, but for some reason is more costly in your half of the world.

I think it is comical that young Hornsby is bigger than Fitz. LOL. Most wonderful how Dave rescued him. It was meant to be, I guess. He looks like a well-tempered pup and I wish him a speedy recovery. Tripod dogs are amazing.