Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pupskerdoo Number Two!

I have been hounding Dave about getting another dog (Get it? HOUNDING?), and we've talked about getting a larger one this time, adopting a retired greyhound or something. But Dave took a crash course with fate yesterday and stopped on his way to work to help two women who were huddled around a puppy that had been hit by a car. Dave said the poor dear was slouched and shivvering despite the 90-degree heat, the pup was scared out of his mind. The three of them ushered the little boy into a carrier and escorted him to a nearby veterinary hospital.

Dave called and was in hysterics. He'd stopped to save the dog and ended up at work an hour and a half late. After visiting the hospital later once they had done x-rays, he reported that the chap had a broken leg and would need surgery immediately. Of course, we're suckers, and he's just a puppy, so we OK'd the surgery knowing that we'd be dealing with a short future of poverty: The bill could be as large as $1,300.

I made a b-line to the vet hospital after work yesterday to meet the poorbaby and I'll admit it here that I really fell in love with the guy (he was heavily sedated, so it was easy). Poorbaby's on an IV with a broken rear right leg. He's got the look of a Saint Bernard to him with a little Great Pyrenees. He's about 6 months old, they think, and weighs about 33 lbs. He's got the biggest ol feet, so I think he'll be a sizeable kid!

Anywho, we're running through names right now. I like Leonard, Dave likes Salinger. Both abbreviate well (Lenny and Sal).



MattJ said...

S'not fair! I want one! :'(. Stoopid Surrey with it's Stoopid quarter of a million for a pokey flat house prices! *stamp* *pout!*.

It's OK though, I have a plan - I intend to move next year and then the dgs will be mine! mine you hear?! er.....

I've always leaned towards Deefer, Harvey and Trevor for dog names. I did go through a phase of deciding Dave was a perfect name for everything though, so perhaps I am not the best judge. DO think Harvey suits a St Bernard though.... - If voting for your two options, they are both pretty good but I think Salinger swings it for me just because it makes me feel well read :p

lunaliar said...

We named our effeminate chihuahua mix Fitzgerald after F. Scott Fitzgerald. We were toying with naming the Poorbaby Hemingway, after Ernest Hemingway, of course. But after pondering on it, I like the name Oscar, though Harvey is a good one. So is Trevor, but that's a bit too euro-trashy for me (not so many Trevors in the states!).

MattJ said...

haha! here we are talking literary classics and then i go and read the latest in a string of children's books! Lol!

MattJ said...

come on! I want an update on the fate of poor little Sal! Don't leave me hanging!