Thursday, June 07, 2007

while on the subject of food...

... I have to gush about the most perfect foods I've found lately:

1) Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk: I love soymilk, and this is better WITH LESS THAN HALF THE CALORIES!

2) Fiber One Cereal: Lightly sweet, mixes with Almond Breeze or fat free yogurt for the perfect breakfast/snack!

3) Quaker 90 calories granola bars, Chocolate chunk: All the yumminess of a regular granola bar in a crazy-good snack-size bar, with chocolate chunks all over the place!


Dan said...

I saw you on Olivia's blog.

Almond milk? I don't think I've tried it. I drink only soy milk. And chocolate soy milk for some fantastic smoothies I make -- with peanut butter and frozen bananas.

I'll have to pick up some almond milk to try. Thanks! :)

lunaliar said...

np! It's really great stuff! Make sure you get unsweetened!

MattJ said...

My friend went to Australia and ordered a low fat, Soy milk, decaf latté. On the menu it was advertised as a 'Why Bother?' lol! Gotta love the aussies. The other one was the name for a Bloody Mary with no Vodka, here it's a Virgin Mary, in Oz it's a 'Bloody Shame'. hehe!

Anyway, back to the post! Soy Milk is the work of the devil, though I do have an unnatural preoccupation with oatmeal based snacks....the Quaker ones nice are they?

lunaliar said...

Matt -- I LOVE, L-O-V-E these granola bars. They're chewy with small crunchy bits and chunks of chocolate in them and they don't stick to your teeth!

If you hate soymilk, give almond milk a try. If you then hate them both, walk the plank!

P.S. Those aussies are funny! I wish we had more here, but then, why move to America when you're in Australia? Doesn't make sense!

MattJ said...

Can I not just stick to cow milk? cow milk is nice and it makes me happy. How do you milk an almond anyway? :p

The thing about australia is that if it moves, it can probably kill you in a variety of painful and unusual ways, or at least tat is my understanding lol! You can't move for Australians and South Africans over here lol!

lunaliar said...

Well, considering that GMOs are banned in Europe, I guess that makes most cow milk okay in that cows aren't fed mutant corn. But is all milk in the U.K. organic? if so, that's not bad, but if not, they could be using hormones to maximize the lactation of poor cows. Sometimes they use preventative antibiotics to keep infection at bay due to close quarters, and even more often they use steroids to maintain hoof and skin structure that makes them less susceptible to injury. Sounds all well and good, but all of those injections are passed on to humans in the milk they produce, and no one yet knows what a steady stream of ingested pharmaceuticals will do to a human.

That is, in short, the case for soy/almond milk...

we'll talk about eating beef and pork another day!