Monday, June 11, 2007

And all I cooked was this cake.

It was a balls-to-the wall weekend for me and my sweetie pie. I made Angelfood cake in record time, despite my mother's skepticism. See for yourself:

Angel food batter

Angel food cake from scratch!

I took that gorgeous, spongy creation to dinner at one of our friends' homes with some white wine macerated fruit. The lesser half of the spousal pair had made dinner, at great lengths, too. He made falafel, hummus, eggplant relish, an antipasti plate, tabbouleh and served it up with warm pita bread. Very tasty!

After dinner and conversation, which was repeatedly interrupted by an enormous and hyperactive border collie named Billy, we went home and crashed.

Saturday morning (i.e. mid afternoon) was a blur. We walked down to the local storefronts in Lakewood. Green Living is this great little shop that sells environmentally sustainable goods. We went to the local hardware store and bought two unfinished Adirondack chairs and some red enamel paint for them.

Then it twas off to the Rangers game against the Brewers. After a spectacular rally in the 9th inning, I practically bolted for the car so I could get home and catch up on my reading some more, and Dave wanted to pack for our move (WHAT A FREAK!).

Sunday was sedated, Dave went for a matinee movie and I took the dog out for a run, which he made halfway through before he petered out. I had to walk him home, and when I got back Dave had returned from the movies, so we both went out and ran together, which made me so freakin' hungry and tired. We were both starving, but we decided to go out to Home Depot and check out stuff for the new house.

By that time we were both about ready to consume each other. So we headed in the direction of Kalachandji's, which was open. Dave said that he didn't want to go into the restaurant all grubby after our run, so we went home and changed and went back to the restaurant. Best. Indian food. Ever. (at least in Dallas).

We came home in food comas, I pulled the linens off the drying line and Dave packed some more (FREAK!). Productive weekend, no?


Aubbie said...

OMG cute! Plz email me the first photo in a nice resolution so that I can make a print, put it on the backsplash of my workbench and chanel that cake into every fiddle I make!

MattJ said...

hey! Moving>? where?! I may be visiting my old Uni friend mr dan caslassy in houston early next year if i can get the swine to stay put and not move to cali lol!

What did you have in the indian place? (see how you got my attention? lol!) When I was in Pitt I had a disappointing but ludicrously cheap indian meal - I'll bookmark your restaurant for furture reference, though I will prob eat nought but chili when in Texas - it would be rude not too! hehe.

Olivia said...

LOL that was a fun read, and you sound so content and happy :)

Poor freaky Dave :P

So, you made Angel Food Cake? Gosh I thought I just smelled it then.

MattJ said...

Oh yeah, what's Angel Food?

lunaliar said...

Matt -- Have you never had Angel food cake? What's wrong with you??? :) Angel food is a light spongecake. It's made with mostly cake flour and whipped egg whites with sugar, but you have to mix it delicately to preserve the air bubbles that keep the cake's form while baking, otherwise you end up with an Angel disk. There are no leaveners in the cake (leaveners keep cakes and breads doughy and help them puff and rise), so you fold the batter to preserve the air that is whipped into the egg whites.

Liv -- You can't imagine how tempted I was to keep that thing, but I know it's not good for the diet!!! No sirreee!

Aubs -- the photo's on my flickr page. Just click on the photo and click on the "all sizes" button above it.

lunaliar said...

Matt -- Almost forgot! We're closing on a house just East of where we live now. We're staying in Dallas, just no longer renting. Renting's for the birds!

We'll have a guest bedroom, so if a strange Welsh dude stops by, he will have a place to crash!

MattJ said...

Oh dear, now you have no idea what you have just done do you?!

MattJ said...

Yeah, I don't do desserts really. I can cook but always shy away from trying to bake - theer is too much [precision involved for my 'some of this, and some more of this than there was of that' approach to recipes lol!

Olivia said...

Matt - you up to a 3-4 hour drive from Houston to Dallas then?

If you drove 4 hours north of London, where would you end up? North of Derby right?

lunaliar said...

Liv knows just as I do -- that drive from Houston is no piece of cake. It may be as long as a drive to north of Derby, but it's not near as picturesque. Imagine a four-land autobahn through a trailerpark -- that's the scenery.

MattJ said...

yeah i dont think I would be driving in the states to be honest - no offence but from my brief experience out there, driving licenses appear to be handed out as prizes, the ability to actually drive is secondary lol! I would hope there is some kind of rail system? Besides, I may end up just staying somewhere in Dallas if Caslassy moves to Cali - i don't have much interest in going to that particular place other than for a flying visit lol!

Besides i now own a tent, so I can stay anywhere now! hehe.

lunaliar said...

There's Amtrak that goes from Houston to Dallas and there's a Greyhound bus line that goest that way as well. THe Amtrak is incredibly slow and inefficient (it shares tracks with freight lines) and the Greyhound line is probably a bit more American color than you'd prefer, that is, unless you don't mind inhaling smoke from cheap cigarettes and picking up ex-cons in Huntsville! You can take a carshare, but that's kinda risky...

MattJ said...

American colour sounds about right for me lol! And slow trains? Did you forget where I live? lol!

Seriously, if I'm down that way I'll get to dallas no problem, I'll cross that bridge when i come to it ;)- I'm not going to visit Houston and not make it to Dallas to claim my carrot cake cookies!

lunaliar said...

OMG... I really need to get those cookies to you!