Monday, December 04, 2006


Even after a good show, there's nothing that stings quite like seeing your favorite band and not hearing your favorite song. No matter how hard they rocked, or how much you lived the music, it still kinda hurts to be a loyal fan and not have the one memory of that one song belted out live and loud so you can sing with them, at the top of your lungs.

If anyone out there was at the Friday Mates of State show, I was the moron screaming "PROOFS!" after every song, hoping that they'd play it. Silly me. I did get a bitchin' shirt.

We were out kinda late at the Sons, so I didn't go to yoga class Saturday morning, but we did go shopping LIKE CRAZY! We got a new stainless steel step trash can for the kitchen, that came with a little baby one just like it that I've put in the bedroom! (Yes, I am clearly excited about the new waste receptacle). And, I got a new hard drive for Agnes, my computer, 250 GB IDE drive. We'll see if I can actually get it to work as a slave. *FINGERS CROSSED*!!!

I got a new necklace, it's a gold pendant with a cutout of a lotus flower. If Dave really loves me, he'll get me one of these for Christmas or my birthday.

You know, I had a ton of things I wanted to blog this weekend. Lots of intriguingly philosophical tidbits. Just like me, though, to forget them and go on with this completely vapid, humorless post.



Olivia said...

waaa, that link in the pendant paragraph doesn't work.

lunaliar said...

It works now! :)

Olivia at work said...

Hey, I think it is a Sikh symbol/word thingy...!

lunaliar said...

It's the word "Ohm" or "Om" or "Aum." It means the primitive noise, which many yogis interpret as the sound of the universe. We chant "Ohm" to awaken the connection between the spirit and the body at the beginning and end of a tantric yoga session.

I don't believe it's Sikh. I believe the character is Sanskrit.

Olivia said...

Yes, I know about Om.
It's definitely not Sikh. Oops.

Have you watched Metropolis yet???