Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Newest member of an exclusive club

On Sunday, as we unloaded our belongings from the trunk of Cody's car in the misty morning drizzle, I noticed that we had a new member of our family hugging the curb.

We are now members of a very exclusive club in Dallas: Owners of a Big Blue Recycling Recepticals, courtesy of the city of Dallas!

Dallas is new to the idea of recycling. When we moved to the Lakewood area, we were astounded by the lack of recycling recepticals in the community. We used to drop our glass, paper, aluminum and plastic off at a nearby church, but for some reason, they discontinued their recycling program.

After that, Dave had to haul our recycling to work, because at Half-Priced Books they had enormous recycling bins where we could unload two weeks worth of junk. Now, we will journey no further than the end of our driveway with our recycleables! Dallas now has single-stream recycling. Just toss all your recycleables into one can and they sort it all themselves!



MattJ said...

Clearly recycling is ungodly! hehe. Sorry for the extended absence, my RSS reader has been lying to me at work! Curse it to hell! Liked the last weekend post!

tip for the fur coart lady - hold a lighter to it and ask 'Are you absolutely SURE it's real?'


Arty said...

Wow! I wish the receptacles could be that big over here. I am drowning in recycling that I have to mete out slowly.

Not surprised that The Woodlands was ahead in the single stream recycling department!

MattJ said...

Merry Christmas to you and Dave! I am off home to tropical Wales today so will check back in next week when I expect to see a list of what santa brought you!