Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's hard out here for a gimp

Back in the old days -- days that predate Billy Idol, poufy bangs and slap bracelets -- men offered up their seats to women when buses or train cars were standing room only. In these days, rarely does it matter if you're in a skirt and heels carring a 15-pound briefcase and ovaries, that boy ain't givin' up his seat ... period. Chivalry is officially dead, for the able-bodied male, at least.

I slowly exhaled as I saw the two full rail cars pull up at Mockingbird station. In my two-and-a-half-inch wooden platform sandals, I'd be standing all the way into downtown. I climbed into the car and affirmed my suspicion. It's crowded, it's way too early and I'm one irritable girl. I propped myself up in a corner and resigned to my half-full thermal of coffee. Trying to distract myself, I clumsily foundered for my folded copy of Newsweek that taunted me, crammed irretrievably in the outer pocket of my case.

Then, a man stood up. It's about three minutes until the next stop, I thought. What gives? "Would you like to take my seat?" he asked me in a meek yet masculine tone. I nodded and sat down, and as I swept my skirt forward and fell into the seat, I watched him hobble toward the front of the car. His pantsleg was still disheveled from sitting and I noticed a metal rod glinting from a gap between his sock and cuff. He was missing a leg, and he was the only man in the entire car to be kind enough to give a clumsy young thing a seat on the train. What a shame.

I couldn't believe it, and in fact, I felt somewhat guilty for the rest of the time he and I were in the car together. He's a monoped, but I'm wearing heels ... who should be embarassed in this situation?


Olivia said...

Oh wow. He could ill-afford to be chivalrous.

It's just the same in London. People might get up for a pregnant lady, maybe an older lady who looks over 65...and that's it.

In 4 years I have been offered a seat ONCE.

A repercussion of women's equality. We can fight on front lines, so why would we want to be given a seat. I think the feminists of the 70s trained men not to hold open doors and suchlike, so the poor fools can't decide exactly what they are allowed to do now.

Well, we still like a bit of attention, a little deference, to feel somewhat flattered...don't we?

Olivia said...


Hey where is everyone..."everyone" actually, just means me and Matt, eh?

lunaliar said...

I'm such a slacker... *goes to corner to sulk*

Olivia said...

Ohhhhhh I seeeee....

Ah, you can come out now!
*peeps around for Luna*

lunaliar said...

I have only one problem with my workout regimen: it interferes with my blogging. So every evening, I rush home to urgently change clothes and head for the gym. I keep kidding myself that it's all for a good cause.

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