Monday, June 19, 2006

The days I really look forward to...

... are days when I receive a DVD from my Netflix Queue. If you don't already have Netflix, you should really get with the program. For several months, Dave and I were on the $10.00/month plan, where we could have one DVD at a time for as long as we want. Becuase our queue rests at about 150 films as of today, The best deal is the $15.00/month plan. For five bucks more you can keep two DVDs at a time for as long as you want. Hopefully this helps us go through our queue faster. This weekend we watched Spellbound and I watched Aeon Flux (and even though I was a fan of the original animation series, this was a great live-action companion, mostly because the animated series didn't have distinct stories, but mostly it was thoughtful and provocative just for the sake of it).

But Netflix is so much better than going to the rental store and sorting through a thousand films and wandering about until someone stops picking at their acne to come help you. And as I'm sure you know, organization in most movie rental stores is completely subjective. But with Netflix, all you need is a keyword, and BAM! You can find your movie. It even does recommendations for you based on how you rate other movies that you've rented or seen previously. AND ... you can purchase DVDs at a fraction of the cost from other renters, like Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Now, if you were unsure before, you should be certain, subscribe to Netflix. It's in your best interest! DO IT NOW!

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