Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One small step -- wait -- nevermind

Imagine my delight to read that finally Prez Bush II has pulled his cranium from his posterior and updated the CAFE standards for pick-up truck, SUV and van fuel efficiency.

The Bush administration issued new rules Wednesday ratcheting up gas mileage requirements for pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans, for the first time covering the largest SUVs on the road like the Hummer H2 and Chevrolet Suburban.

The new fuel economy rules, covering 2008 through 2011, would save 10.7 billion gallons of fuel over the lifetime of the vehicles sold during the period and go further than an administration proposal issued last summer, officials said.

“The new standards represent the most ambitious fuel economy goals for light trucks ever developed in the program's 27-year history,” said Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta.

Ladies and gentlemen, even if this is a huge stunt to nudge Bush's approval ratings up a notch, I'm okay with that, given the outcome. But 2008??!! Isn't that waiting a bit too long? I mean, it won't take effect until the Bush is out of office. That doesn't make sense...

But, along with good news, bad news is almost always certain to follow:

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is sending undercover officers into bars, issuing citations or making arrests for public intoxication – even if customers haven't left the building.


The news reports have described how the TABC was issuing more criminal citations to rein in people who could be a danger to themselves or others – especially by driving drunk.

Lawmakers who oversee the commission said they generally agreed with the agency's increased emphasis on public safety.

Some also said accounts of certain arrests suggest the program should be reviewed to check for abuses and to measure its effectiveness. Among those arrested was an Arkansas man who said he drank "no more than six" beers at a hotel restaurant before he retired for the night to his room in the same hotel.

Arresting someone while they're drunk in a hotel bar, WHERE THEY WILL STAY THE NIGHT, MIND YOU. Just to let you know, his superiors fired him after his arrest for public intoxication, all because the TABC, or for you Europeans, the agency that regulates who can serve alcohol to whom and where, they just want to be nannies. Bastards.

UPDATE: TABC nixed the bar stings because of loud, sustained public outcry. That's one thing about Texans, we sure do know how to bitch!


Olivia said...

Where are you again?
I hope things are fine and that you've settled in nicely with Dave.

I'm having life-in-amazing-detail withdrawals.

Describe another swirling cuppa coffee or something. :P

(Unless of course, you're busy, in which case I impatiently await your return!)

lunaliar said...

Busy? You bettah buhleaveit! Things are going nuts! It's SPRING!!! We're painting and gardening and so much! We had our first houseguest! So much excitement!

lunaliar said...
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lunaliar said...
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Olivia said...

Yay! You're still alive :)

Are you going to have a housewarming party when you've finished decorating?

Best wishes!

lunaliar said...

Absolutely. I'm definately going to take pictures, which I will post. I can't believe I went from a 580-square-foot flat to an 1,800-square-foot, 3-bedroom home! So much space that it's making me xenophopic!

Olivia said...

Are you sure about that? Not agoraphobic?

Re: your Update:
How dare they forget: Don't mess with Texa(n)s!

lunaliar said...

Thanks for the correction. It's been years since ab-psych!

elgato said...

I'm not convinced they will halt the stings. Power in the hands of the few like TABC - whose only reason for existance is to tell you and me how to handle ourselves around adult beverages - is not easily given up.

Is it just coincidence they halted the stings the day before the Leg was back in town in Austin? I can just see them starting back up oh, within a week the special session is done.