Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

So, our little bundle of joy (OLBOJ) is technically due tomorrow. HOWEVER, I doubt he's going to be here before the end of next week. I'm just lucky that way.

We had another sonogram last Friday and, according to their measurements, OLBOJ isn't all that little. In fact, they're estimating him to be a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces.

Yes, this scares the ever-loving beejeebus out of me. Yes, I know that sonograms aren't entirely accurate.

So, after the appointment I did what I normally do, which is call everyone who has asked to be updated about OLBOJ. While I was talking to my father, he mentioned that he was born at 9 pounds 11 ounces.


I have a whole new realm of respect for my late grandmother. That is a big ass baby.

Otherwise, OLBOJ is healthy, and quite content to stay in the climate-controlled environment of my uterus.

There was a bright spot to the appointment: I am 1 cm dilated. That's more than the previous week, but still not exactly huge progress.

To distract me from my lack of cervical progress, I've been knitting. In fact, I've finished a few things!

Our not-so-little one's baby blanket (rav link)

A sweet baby cap (rav link)

A pair of socks I started during our trip to Chicago last year (rav link)

And a pair of baby booties and a pair of baby socks.

I guess I should get back to knitting. Maybe something will happen?


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

oh don't worry about the baby's weight. 9 lbs. isn't that huge and there's no direct correlation between the size of the baby and how hard your labor will be.

at least for me the contractions were the worst of the pain, i don't remember feeling anything when I pushed her out (and I even had a 2nd degree tear!). your body will stretch, it's made for a baby to come out! good luck!!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Ditto FVM.

I have a friend who had an 11 ppound baby med free nd didn't tear. I had a 7 pounder and I tore horribly.

That probably isn't as helpful or reassuring as I meant it to be. Just hang in ther, LBOJ will be here so soon!

Lemon Gloria said...

So constructive while so pregnant! I'm extremely impressed. I think I did pretty much nothing but complain in that week past my due date. Jordan came out the side exit, so while he was big, in the end it made no difference to me.

Good luck! Very exciting!

DFWKnitter said...

Your projects are beautiful! I especially love that baby cap - can't wait to see it on the sweet head of your little giant :)